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55+ Of The BEST The High Note Movie Quotes

The High Note Movie Quotes

The High Note, starring Dakota Johnson and Tracee Ellis Ross is coming to PVOD on May 29th, like many movies recently which have opted to go to PVOD in lieu of waiting for theaters to open back up.  I have to admit, as a movie buff who is waiting for some great new movies and shows to watch during the stay at home orders, I am welcoming all of these movies releasing now and available to rent!  And like I enjoy doing, I have jotted down some of my favorite quotes from the film.  Check out 55+ of the BEST The High Note movie quotes from the film!

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The High Note Movie Quotes

You know what I say? How do you like me now? –Grace

This song is about a bad girl. –Grace

I manage the house, not the women who lives inside it. That’s your job. –Gail

There hasn’t been a new Grace Davis album in a decade. –Maggie

My voice bought me this plane. –Grace

That was a really good move back there with Mr. Vegas. –Grace

From where we come from, getting locked into a Vegas show set, that is a win. –Grace

You said, when there are no more surprises than who am I doing it for? –Maggie

Ever since I was a little girl I dreamed of giving you an enema in Toronto. –Maggie

You just continue to do your eucalotus sh*t. –Jack

I don’t want to sit with a bunch of label guys who have to be reminded that I’m still alive. –Grace

Who the hell do you think you are? Missy Elliot? –Jack

I don’t know what planet you come from where rolling around every little opinion that is rolling around in that brains of yours is consider a skill. –Jack

Being a procedure is about having a point of view that you’ve earned over years of hard work. –Jack

If you want to be a producer, you find your own god damn clients and stay off of mine. –Jack

You have an amazing sound. –Maggie

The High Note Movie Quotes

This looks like Stevie Nix ran over Jason Derulo with her car. –Maggie

I want to go through my closet and donate things that aren’ sparking joy, or whatever. –Grace

You asked me and I’m not going to tell you they are great if they are not great. –Maggie

Can you make sure the sexicology oil is upstairs in my bathroom? –Grace

This is my money maker so I don’t really get whats funny. –David

What am I just another douche bag who thought he could be a singer and then what? Then what am I suppose to do? –David

Oh my god, you are insecure. That’s amazing. –Maggie

No, you are just self sabotaging and I can work with that. –Maggie

So Michael B Jordan insisted that we leave my house and go to a hotel because he had this whole proposal planned. –Grace

Are you kidding me? It’s after 10 oclock. Miss Gloria is passed out. –Grace

I am happy with me. –Grace

Does he know who I am? –Grace  Well he lives on Earth so yeah. –Maggie

Did you know that was Sam Cooke’s original mic? –Maggie

I think it’s time I record a new album. –Grace

Those pretentious sparkling water blow hards spoke to you like they forgot you built this entire label for them. –Maggie

In the History of music only 5 women over 40 have ever had a number 1 hit and only one of them were black. –Grace

I know you have been writing. –Maggie

I am not here for you, you are here for me.  I am not a stepping stone, you are not my producer, Margeret. –Grace

It is going to piss off Grace but she needs a good kick in the ass. –Dan

Do you want it more than blood? –Dan

You know you are so arrogant.  You don’t know sh*t, you don’t know anything. –David

We made something really good and it deserves a shot. You deserve a shot. –Maggie

I am not your escape plan Maggie. –David

Producing it about trust and commitment and taking care of your artist. –Grace

If you need a reference for your next job, have them give me a call.  I have alot to say. –Jack

And she is constantly listening to your songs over and over and over again. –Gail

The High Note Movie Quotes

I think she is just obsessed with you.  She never asked you for anything, which is weird. –Gail

I mean you are retired. –Gail

She does not want to talk to me, I think, forever. –Maggie

I’ve always been in total awe of you Grace and to be able to witness the person I admire most do the thing that she does best, was the greatest time of my whole life.  And I am so grateful. –Maggie

I may or may not have said some things that could hurt someones feelings. And uh, for that I forgive myself. –Grace

I was pissed because you messed up and you didn’t do your job. So what else was I suppose to do? –Grace

You were very good at your job. –Grace

I came here to tell you that the work you did on the live album is very good. –Grace

You make me sound like me. Me. I haven’t heard her in a long time.  That’s the sign of a good producer. –Grace

I’ve never worked with a female producer.  Should I give it a go? –Grace

When you said you and your mom just started talking again, you didn’t think to tell me your mom is Grace Davis? –Maggie

I had him when I was so young.  And I had a chance to change things for us and I took it. –Grace

I wanted to help him with his music but he was worried people wouldn’t take him seriously, which I understand. –Grace

He’s really good, Grace. –Maggie

Come on out.  My mom, Grace Davis. –David