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65+ Hilarious Scoob Quotes : Scooby Doo Movie

Scoob Quotes Scooby Doo Movie

I have been waiting and hyped about the new SCOOB! movie ever since I saw the first trailer months and months ago!  The movie came out today and I did not waste a second, I turned it on right when I woke up this morning.  I won’t give too much away, you have to wait for my movie review, which is coming later today BUT, I took stock of some of my favorites quotes from it.  Check out this list of 65+ hilarious SCOOB quotes!

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Scoob Quotes

Dispatch, I have a stary dog and a tube of compressed meat. –Police Officer

Make friends. Check. –Shaggy

If a dog has a middle name, there is no punisment for damages or theft. –Police Officer

I’ll never take it off. –Scoob

Big house, big candy. –Scoob

Don’t you know Halloween is just a marketing ploy by big corn syrup. –Mean Boy

Ghost or no ghost. It is Halloween, no one should go home without their candy. –Daphne

Jeepers. It’s a Halloween mask. –Daphne

I think we just found the worlds smallest Walmart. –Shaggy

What’s next for Mystery Inc? –Fred

It’s time to turn Mystery Inc into a real business. –Velma

I’ll have a napkin and some hand sanitizer. –Simon Cowell

How does he do that? He’s mean but he makes it fun. –Fred

Fred, you’re the tank. The muscle. –Simon

Daphne is the people person. The empath. –Simon

And Velma’s got the smarts and technical savvy. –Simon

You can’t count on friendship, people change. –Simon

Scoob Quotes Scooby Doo Movie

You can’t count on friendship. People change. And when you get into real trouble, friendship won’t save the day. –Simon

I’m Dee Dee Skyes, pilot of the Falcon Fury. –Dee Dee

This ain’t your daddy’s Blue Falcon. –Brian

Dynomutt is the dog wonder. Blue Falcon doesn’t go anywhere without him. –Shaggy

Nobody gets away from Dick Dastardly. –Dick

It would be safer for you two if you joined us on our mission. –Dee Dee

Can you skip the emotional punishment and describe the robots please? –Velma

Do you know how many stray hairs the average human eats every day without knowing it? –Velma

Lets go get that Dastardly dude. –Velma

If you’re going to be a sniveling suck-face you’re going to look the part. –Dick

Brian! Quit putting filters on your selfies and get in the game. –Dynomutt

I’m busting my tail to save the world for him and he loves the guys who brought treats. –Dynomutt

The last time you listened to someone on the internet, you thought Tinder was an app that delivers firewood. –Dynomutt

Scooby Doo is the last descendant of Peritas? –Velma

Stop right there you filthy animal. And your dog too! –Dick

Did nobody train this thing? –Dick

Scooby Dooby Do? Where are you? –Dick

You are the key. –Dick

Like drop some F-Bombs! –Shaggy

Everybody say ‘Hashtag Foxy Falcon’. –Brian

Now lets get that dog a hero suit. –Brian

You got your Blue Falcon Nutrition Guide, Blue Falcon resistance bands, a copy of my dad’s autobiography, No Falcon Around, and my light-hearted follow up, Just Falcon Around. –Brian

How do you breath under the weight of all that? –Shaggy

Scoob Quotes Scooby Doo Movie

And everything you said about my face will be used against you in a court of claw! –Dick

Must be in your head.  Your giant inflated head… –Shaggy

Oh, boy. That’s the serious face. We always get in trouble after that face. –Fred

Oh, jinkies.  I’m sorry someone had to say it. –Fred

You have no right to be here Mystery Morons. -Dick

The flatulent fleabag wouldn’t listen to reason. –Dick

Scooby and I will stay on the ship.  You know, where it is safe and secure. –Shaggy

We’re chickens and we always stick together, so we’re staying here. –Shaggy

I never thought I’d say this but Simon Cowell was right. You can’t count on friendship. –Shaggy

Simon Cowell is always right. He gave the world Kelly Clarkson. –Brian

Now, lets let the real dog sniff out this bone. –Brian

He is with his new hero friends. We are on a break. You’ve missed a lot. –Shaggy

You can call me, Captain Caveman! –Captain Caveman

Now it’s time we stop this mustachioed menace from opening the gates to the underpass and letting loose the fearsome sippy cup. –Shaggy

Time to take that 3-headed hound down to the pound. –Daphne

I’ve been searching for years my friend. And I didn’t make it in time. –Dick

So, you are saying it is heroic to be scared and even to lose sometimes? –Brian

Scooby and Shaggy are about to be puppy chow. –Dee Dee

Man, looks like we just spared the world. –Shaggy

There’s no other way. I’m the key. I’ll go. –Scoob

Buddy, back when we were kids, you saved me. Now it’s my turn. –Shaggy

Scoob. You’re the best friend I could ever ask for. And you always will be. –Shaggy

I think it means Scoob and Shaggys friendship will live on whether they’re together or not. –Daphne

Raggy, you promised you’d never leave. Come home. –Scoob

I guess friendship really did save the day. –Shaggy

You’re the heart of Mystery Inc. –Velma

Drat. No one ever goes for the double unmask. –Dick

Looks like we are on the case. –Velma

Lets Scooby Dooby Doo it! –Scoob