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50+ Festive A CASTLE FOR CHRISTMAS Movie Quotes

A Castle For Christmas Movie Quotes

A Castle For Christmas is now streaming on Netflix. I will have a review of the movie coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out. It will be linked down below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the film. Check out these 50+ of the best and most festive A Castle For Christmas movie quotes.

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A Castle For Christmas Parents Guide Movie Review

A Castle For Christmas Movie Quotes

Do you believe in love at first sight? Me either.

This is not blowing over. This is a Category 5.

We don’t always get the happy ending.

Perhaps you are having a hard time separating your real life from the fiction in your books.

I thought you became a writer because of grandpa.

He doesn’t usually like strangers.

I never liked that sod. Too bloody perfect.

Tourists usually don’t stay in our village.

I always carry a steak on my person.

Stay out of places you don’t belong.

A Castle For Christmas Movie Quotes

You may be the only readers left who don’t hate me.

I’m still married. Although, I’m not sure he knows it either.

A real talker, that one. Always bethering and telling the tales.

These are your roots, dear.

I’m not selling to her.

I can think of a few other names I’d call you.

I thought that Duke’s were supposed to be gentlemen?

What do you recommend to obliterate the memory of the most awful, arrogant person you ever met?

I’ve had a change of heart.

If I’m gonna sell the old girl, I need to know you can take care of her.

I’ll make her life so miserable, she’ll never want to see another castle again.

The key to my castle.

There’s a reason they set horror movies in castles. It leaks after every rain, and it rains 150 days a year.

If you were trying to discourage me, a cold room and a couple of bats in the attic are not gonna do it.

We knitters look after each other.

I’ve spent most of the last decade on my computer.

I sound like a character from one of your books.

It appears you are warming up to her.

You’ve spent your whole life trying not to be them. So don’t be.

You can’t just run off to Scotland and hide out in a castle.

A Castle For Christmas Movie Quotes

It looks like a duke. It walks like a duke. It is a duke.

She’s good for business.

It wouldn’t be the worst thing to let someone in again.

This whole thing is not working for me.

I don’t know anything. And it’s scary.

He worked here. He’s part of the history.

Every time we cut down a tree, we plant two in its place.

I always try to leave things better than I found them.

Oh sure, blame Christmas.

You are never coming home, are you? You are falling for this guy.

You show up here, buy my castle, take over everything, take over my life, and now you offer me a room in my own house.

This place is just going to remind me of you.

You really are a royal a**.

Castles are meant to have walls around them, people aren’t

What good is this place without anyone in it?

Your friendship means the world to me.

Loving someone is never a mistake.

If she throws the bouquet, don’t catch it.

I’d rather lose Dun Dunbar than lose you.

I thought this castle was who I was, or maybe all I was. And then, I met a lass who knocked me flat on my royal arse, and she taught me that we should be with the people we love on Christmas.

In this day in age, not everyone believes in happy endings. But I just might.