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45+ Touching Penguin Bloom Quotes

Penguin Bloom Quotes

Penguin Bloom is dropping on Netflix this week and it is based off the real life story of Australian’s Sam Bloom, who was paralysed after a fall in Thailand. I will have a movie review coming soon, so make sure to stop back by, it will be linked down below. In the meantime, I wanted to share some of my favorite and most touching quotes from the film. I love me a good line and this movie had some really heartfelt ones. Check out this list of 45+ touching Netflix’s Penguin Bloom quotes.

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Penguin Bloom Parents Guide Movie Review

Penguin Bloom Quotes

Mum loves the ocean. She always has.

I hate last year.

She can’t feel anything from there down. Except when she has the hiccups.

It will get better, I promise.

Remember what the doctor in rehab said, you gotta keep your spirits up.

It’s like Mum was stolen from us.

It’s cool, like a superpower.

Never ask me that question in front of the boys again.

They use to call out for me.

I can’t even be a mum.

I’m the one who took her there.

I was drowning but it felt good.

Can you look after Peng for me? She’s still not eating very well.

I read that baby birds dream of their mothers song. And that’s how they learn to sing.

Penguin got stronger and fatter but souldn’t seem to fly. Maybe cause we didn’t.

Must be weird to have wings and not be able to fly.

Is mum going crazy?

Penguin Bloom Quotes

Do you want to erase yourself? Who you were? But you are still you, Sam.

What are you scared of? The worst that can happen is you feel embarassed.

Is she flying?

Wouldn’t you rather be in a kayak?

Now comes the most important part of the lesson, I want you to tip over.

I tip people all the time, I’m known for it.

You were incredible today.

I’m sorry you have to live with this.

Because for a night, I sat thinking I’d never see you again.

I’ve been reading up on magpies. Turns out they mate for life.

Maybe that explains why they are so miserable and angry all the time.

I can help if you like.

Don’t worry, I haven’t drowned a student yet. My exhusband, well, that’s another story.

It’s the first time I’ve felt normal since the accident.

When your poor father died, I thought at least I’ve still got the girls. But now I just lie awake at night worrying.

I wanna make my little girl well again and I can’t.

Penguin wouldn’t hurt anyone.

Penguin Bloom Quotes

I wish it was me who leaned on that fence. I wish it was me who broke my back.

Sometimes nice things just happen.

Give her time to find her way home, she knows where we are.

You’re not to blame for penguin and you’re not to blame for my accident.

I’m the reason you broken your back.

Sometimes I think I’ll never be happy again but not because of you.

It was just a piece of old rotten wood.

We are not spending another night staring at Peng’s empty basket.

Ask me the question. The one I told you never to ask me.

I’m better.

Mom’s not the person she once was. And I know she’s not the person she wanted to be. But to me, she’s much more than that.

What is it? What are you up to?