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55+ Touching Netflix’s FINDING OHANA Quotes

Finding Ohana Quotes

Netflix’s Finding Ohana drops today and it is such a fun family adventure of a film! I will have a movie review coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out, it will be linked down below. In the meantime, I wanted to share some of the best quotes from the film. I love me a good line and this one had such heartfelt ones. Check out this list of 55+ touching and heartfelt Netflix’s Finding Ohana quotes from the movie!

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Finding Ohana Parents Guide Movie Review

Finding Ohana Quotes

It’s going to be the best summer ever!

He had a heart attack a week ago.

The second sign we are in hell, no Wi-Fi.

I’m sorry your boy utters are so massive.

It’s a stupid camp for treasure hunting.

You a thief?

We honor the dead by talking stories, and keeping their wailua alive, their spirit, with Aloha.

Never seen this pic of dad before.

The Ghost of Hawaiian Warroirs.

You’ll know they are coming when you hear their drums.

How can you not pay your taxes in five years?

It’s short for equal pay, am I right?

As the sun set and the rain fell, we cut our own path.

Don’t expect an apology, I’m too progressive.

I got tired of explaining to people back home that I wasn’t Puerto Rican, so I learned it.

You have your father’s smile.

Finding Ohana Quotes

We’re so lucky for live in Hawaii.

Christmas in New York is the best.

Aloha is how we treat ourselves, how we help others, how we know where we suppose to be in this life.

Kuleana. Our responsibility.

You are Hawaiian. And you get koko, Hawaiian blood.

We placed the jewel inside the crown and marked it with gold.

You want to sell our apartment to pay his bills.

You are hardly there for us and we live with you.

There isn’t any gold at the end of our rainbows.

Why is your hair the same color of your nips?

Adults are dumb and I’m adorable.

Who comes all the way to Hawaii just to see where they filmed Lost?

The butthole of hell.

Shut your mainlander mouth because Keaneu is a treasure.

A river of lava made this cave.

I just want to grab my sister who thinks she’s Indiana Jones.

Finding Ohana Quotes

Treasure, here I come.

It means the jaws of death.

And what would you know about Ohana?

But the wolf spiders endangered.

He doesn’t know how to show you how much he misses you.

Monks left these markers everywhere.

I sorry for making you feel unwanted and a burden.

I sorry I blame you for my lonliness.

Is th floor literally lava?

I do have a lot of muscles now that I think about it.

Why’s it glowing in here?

This is ground zero.

Hawaii’s a big part of me, and I don’t know if it’s worth leaving for just a shot at singing.

If we pull this down, it will show us the way.

I told you it would be here. I knew it, I knew it the whole time.

Not bad for a stupid fake treasure hunt, huh?

I knew it. This cave is kapu.

He kept this place a secret out of respect.

They’re dead and dead people own nothing.

Do you trust me? Then jump.

I’m so sorry for breaking our bro code.

Protect my children. Protect my ohana.

I promise dad.

Because you get the koko of your father, the koko of a fallen warrior.

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