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75+ Shocking Netflix’s ECHOES Quotes

Netflix's Echoes Quotes

Netflix’s Echoes dropped on the streaming service today, August 19th. I will have a review of the series coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out. It will be linked down below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the show. Check out these 75+ of the best and most shocking Netflix’s Echoes quotes.

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Netflix’s Echoes Parents Guide Review

Netflix’s Echoes Quotes

Let’s make a f*cking mess.

It’s like a raccoon house party.

She may have been taken.

Will we ever be us again?

There’s no world for me without you.

Your best case scenario is she’s lying in a ravine somewhere and you’re standing there munching apples?

Small-town police work at its finest.

Good deal of saddness around that family. Always has been.

You really think I’m not going to join the search of my own daughter?

You have something no one else in the world has.

Something’s wrong here. Someone tore up the doll, like it was a message.

Your sister’s life might depend on it.

It’s hard to look at you.

She’s been missing before. But not this long.

We’re connected. Connected in a way other people are not. We’re special in that way.

Leni the lamb first, followed by Gina the dove.

I’ll go back to being Leni, to being me. So I can find out what you did here, to both of us.

You’re not lost. You just don’t want to be found. And until I find you, I have to play both parts.

It’s always been us, Gina. No one comes in between, not even Jack.

Gina always brings drama. You know that.

Netflix's Echoes Quotes

I know you’ve been gone from us long before you went missing.

You let him into your life again after all these years. You chose him.

I love her. I’d never hurt her.

Are you rushing off because you feel unwelcome here?

You stopped loving me. Maybe me too.

You ever wonder if you married the wrong sister?

Come home, Gina. Let’s make it right.

If you keep running with him, I can’t help you. And you know it won’t end well.

I’m never leaving again. I promise.

Are you that one or the other one?

You were lost and now you’re found.

Who the hell would move here?

There is nothing I have that I won’t give you. There is nothing you need that I won’t get for you.

You’re f*cking temporary.

This is not how a family should be.

I’m saving me.

The marriage is more important than the farm. It’s more important than anything.

There’s more trouble to come.

As hard as it seems, the truth is just easier in the long run.

Grandmothers weren’t meant to arrange funerals.

You think I’m capable of killing another human being?

Some of us know how to keep a horse safe.

You’re always the one who fixes it, right?

We had power. And when the real trouble happened, the switch could save us.

Leni and I shared everything. We even shared Jack.

I needed someone of my own. I needed my own life.

People loved the story of two tragic sisters.

He loved me for all I was and all I wasn’t.

We’re one, you and me.

Netflix's Echoes Quotes

I feel like I’m betraying everyone I’ve loved.

Leni grew more controlling of both lives.

I am deeply, deeply obsessed with you.

Trapped in my own bad choices.

I specialize in making bad choices. I’m trying to break that bad habit.

You and our baby, get away!

That’s not my family. That’s not the girls I raised.

He wanted me to go and never look back.

We live in each other’s lives; we fool people flawlessly.

Nobody knows us. Except us.

When you say you, who exactly do you mean? Because I’m not even sure anymore.

Why did you go along with it all these years?

I set aside my hurt feelings so I could understand better how to love you. How to love the both of you.

What’s done is done.

That’s the last memory she will have of you.

I don’t want to be a part of anything you do.

I’m just asking you to keep that promise.

Maybe we’ll just let them go this time.

Those two are a whole mess of trouble.

You’ve consumed me. And now you’ve lost me.

I’ve only tried to protect you from that first night.

I had to take care of us. I always take care of us.

Touble follows some people like an old yellow dog.

The only thing I think is that she wanted to get away. And now she has.

You are her and not her.

They say everyone in the world has a twin.

I’ll find out, you know, which one you are.

So many scores to settle. I thought I’d start with you.