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PIXAR LUCA Parents Guide Movie Review

Pixar Luca is an endearing story of friendship, acceptance, and conquering fears. A tale the entire family will love, check out the details in my parents guide movie review.

Luca Parents Guide Movie Review

Pixar Luca is coming exclusively to the Disney Plus streaming service tomorrow, June 18th. The film is a beautiful story showcasing friendship and acceptance and will definitely be a hit with the entire family as it arrives just in time to kick off summer! Check out all the details in my parents guide movie review.

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Pixar Luca Parents Guide Movie Review

Pixar Luca (voiced by Jacob Tremblay) is a teenage sea monster living in the Italian Riviera with overprotective parents who do not want him to venture out beyond his sea home. Luca meets another sea monster named Alberto (Jack Dylan Grazer) who has been living on the surface for some time and shows Luca the way of life above the sea.

Luca and Alberto become fast friends, veturing off together to a town near their sea home where they meet Giulia (Emma Burman). The three decide to enter a race in Portorosso to win cash to buy a Vespa, however problems arise as they struggle to keep their sea monster identity a secret.

Luca Parents Guide Movie Review

Pixar Luca Age Appropriate Parents Guide

Lets take a look at what parents need to know before allowing kids to watch Pixar Luca.

Language: The language in Luca is very mild, the strongest words you will hear are jerk, idiot, stupid, and phrases such as “Holy carp” and “Oh sharks” is used instead of profanity.

Mature Content: Luca and Alberto perform dangerous stunts on a Vespa.  Luca runs away from home, leaving his parents very worried. There is also some bullying in the film which may trigger kids and prejudices against sea monsters which could upset some.

Overall Thoughts

The most striking aspect of Pixar Luca is the stunning visuals in the film. The colors are bright and vibrant, audiences can almost feel the warmth of the Italian Rivera and will be dreaming of a summer vacation filled with pasta, vespas, and gelato. The town itself is fun and quirky, with cobblestone streets and exquisite clear blue seas. The film invites you in to its charming town and makes you feel welcomed.

Tremblay does an amazing job bringing Luca to life, he is filled with curiosity and awe of life beyond the sea and it radiates off the screen. Despite the pandemic hitting and actors being forced to record their part separately, Tremblay and Jack Dylan Grazer (who voices Alberto) have great chemistry together and play off each other well. Maya Rudolph and Jim Gaffigan undoubtedly bring humor and sincerity to their roles as the worried and overprotective parents of Luca ,and Sacha Baron Cohen will have viewers cackling in the hilarious role as Uncle Ugo.

Pixar being Pixar, Luca is a touching story that will pull at your heart strings and delivers important messages for children interwoven throughout the film.  After a year where many of us were isolated from friends and family due to the pandemic, Pixar Luca reminds us of the power of friendships and family, overcoming prejudices and accepting each other for who we are.

Luca Parents Guide Movie Review

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