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Amazon Prime’s Radioactive Movie Quotes

Radioactive Movie Quotes

Amazon Prime video has a new movie out, Radioactive, which looks at the life and discoveries of Scientist Marie Curie.  I’m a science nerd, I am a Scientist myself after all, so this movie spoke to me!  And like all movies I enjoy and love, there are always movie quotes that also really hit me!  Like I tend to do for some of the movies I enjoy, I jotted down some of my favorite to share with you all!!  So, check out some of my favorite Radioactive movie quotes from the great Marie Curie movie!

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Radioactive Movie Quotes

Maybe it is because I am Polish. Or because I am not a man.

I stand beside you because you look as awkward as I feel.

I choose not to go into hospitals.

You cured me.

Radioactive Movie Quotes

It’s capiable of measuring precisely the tiny amounts of eletrical charge and material. Your equipment isn’t good enough, mine is. Your science is brillant and so is mine.

My mother told me never marry a brillant man, you’ll disappoint him and he’ll disappoint you.

Science is changing and the very people who are running science believe the world is flat. And I’m going to prove them wrong, just as Newton did. We are.

How do I look at you? Like a fermenting grapes?

I will never be the woman or wife you want me to be.

We are here to present to you two new elements palladium and radium.

We all thought atoms were finite and stable, well it turns out some of them are not. And in their instability, they admit rays. I have called this, radioactivity. We have come here to tell you that you have fundamentally misunderstood the atom.

Isn’t it the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?

She is using our science to further her work.

He put some radium chloride on a tumor and it showed some shrinkage.

I can feel our work slowing out, I can feel it changing the world.

Mr. Warner, this machone will improve your sons life. And it may even save it.

Our work has been nominated for a nobel prize, for the discovery of radioactivity. The condemnation only mentions my name. And I told them if there is a nobel prize to win, we win it together.

I am one of those that believe, that mankind will do more good than harm from these discoveries.

How dare you take my brilliance, how dare you take their applause.

Radioactive Movie Quotes

You have one of the finest mines I ‘ve ever met, it just so happens that mine is finer.

I’m sick. When I cough, there is blood.

And if my science doesn’t speak for itself with regard to my quality, then you have gravely misunderstood my science.

I want to talk to you about radium. A most peculiar and remarkable element because it doesnt behave as it should.

I think the damage to me is permanent.

I didn’t understand this place and you did. Can you do what she did? I’d like to see my husband appear.

As exciting as it seems, radiation is not safe.

These prizes are the result of pain.

I’m very proud of you too. It must have been so difficult, being a woman and doing what you did.

I hate hospitals. My mother died inside a hospital. So I had to find a way of making people better outside a hospital.