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60+ Badass THE SUICIDE SQUAD Movie Quotes

The Suicide Squad Movie Quotes

The Suicide Squad is now playing in theaters, as well as on HBO Max, this weekend! I will have a review of the movie coming soon, so make sure to stop back by, it will be linked down below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the film. I love me a good line and this movie had some badass ones! Check out this list of 60+ best and most badass The Suicide Squad movie quotes.

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The Suicide Squad Parents Guide Movie Review

The Suicide Squad Movie Quotes

I got another 15.

I’ll do anything to get out of this hell hole.

I wouldn’t take such measures if this mission wasn’t more important than you could possibly imagine.

I got road rage, in a bank.

American women all love accents.

Starfish is a slang term for butthole. Think there’s any connection?

I love the rain, it’s like angels are splooging all over us.

You fail to follow my orders in any way, and I detonate the explosive device in the base of your skull.

Welcome to anything.

Well we consider that term degrading. The official term is Task Force X. Love em or hate em these are your brothers and sisters for the next few days. 

I’m not shaking the rat’s hand.

Each member was chosen for his or her own completely unique set of abilities.

I cherish peace with all my heart. I don’t care how many men, women, and children I need to kill to get it.

I’m a princess.

Recently I made a promise to myself that next time I got a boyfriend I’d be on the lookout for red flags. And if I saw any, I would do the healthy thing and I would murder him. And killing kids is kind of a red flag.

TDK is the detachable kid?

The Suicide Squad Movie Quotes

When your taste in men is as bad as mine, they don’t just go away quietly. They slash your tires and kill your dogs.

All the cruelty, tears you apart after awhile.

I didn’t pick the damn team.

This coming from a guy who wears a toilet seat on his head?

I don’t like to kill people but if I pretend they are my mom, it’s easy.

Did you show them the birdies?

Rest in piece to that beautiful monster between your legs.

I can’t believe this thing had a bullet.

I love the rain. It’s like angels smooching all over us.

Rats are the lowliest and most despised of all creatures, my love. If they have a purpose, so do we all.

I know why I am carrying the javelin!

We just had a conversation for like three hours about how your name is Milton!

Next time you want to steal something you take a partner for a lookout.

Why are you here when we both know, I have nothing good to offer you.

We have the highest mortality rate in the entire US penal system.

Whatever the case, he’s strong and deadly.

That is a disgusting superpower.

Atleast he don’t kill men for money like you.

I don’t believe he would do that, he has very kind eyes.

Why didn’t you people alert me of your arrival?

You Americans just run in, guns blazing…

Is that rat waving at me?

If that sh*t is contagious, we need to know.

Nom. Nom.

There’s no good in me.

You don’t know half os what I would do, John.

Eventually, my father’s burdens became too heavy to carry and he was gone.

I’m going to get you out of here alive.

How to kill a man in a single blow.

The Suicide Squad Movie Quotes

There is something we have to take care of first.

It’s not a toilet seat, it’s a beacon of freedom.

This is suicide.

Quit being a play baby.

If God existed, would this be proof he wasn’t very good at all?

We serve the same master.

I joined the military to serve my country, not to be its puppet.

Pulling a gun on me is pretty f*cking personal.

I crossed the line, I realize that. But I’m ready to change.

Peacemaker, what a joke.

New dumb friends!

Sorry kid.

This city is mine.

You see who that is? It’s your mom!

I’m a super hero! I’m a motherf*cking super….

This city isn’t yours. This city isn’t ours. This city is theirs.

That’s my dad.

I told you I’d make you a leader.

We just saved the hole bloddy city. We can’t have it all.