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STRAYS 2023 Parents Guide Movie Review + Age Rating

Strays 2023 is ridiculous, raunchy, and a roaring good time. Check out all the details in my Strays parents guide movie review.

Strays 2023 Parents Guide

Strays 2023 releases in North America and across the United States tomorrow, Friday, August 18, 2023. The dog movie stars Will Ferrell (an optimistic  Border Terrier named Reggie), Jamie Foxx (Bug), Randall Park (an anxious Great Dane named Hunter), Isla Fisher (smart Australian Shepherd Maggie), Josh Gad (Gus), Will Forte (Doug), Sofia Vergara (Deliliah the Couch), Rob Riggle (Rolf), Brett Gelman (Willy), Harvey Guillén (Sh*tstain), Jamie Demetriou (Chester), and Dennis Quaid as Dennis Quaid. It was written by Dan Perrault, produced by Phil Lord, Erik Feig, and Louis Leterrier, and leading production by director Josh Greenbaum (Barb and Star go to Vista Del Mar). Check out all the details in my parents guide movie review.

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Strays 2023 Movie Quotes 

Strays 2023 Parents Guide

In Strays 2023: Abandoned on the mean city streets by his lowlife owner, Doug, a naive but lovable dog named Reggie falls in with a fast-talking, foul-mouthed Boston Terrier and his gang of strays. Determined to seek revenge, Reggie and his new canine pals embark on an epic adventure to get him home and make Doug pay for his dirty deed.

Strays 2023 Parents Guide

Strays 2023 Age Rating Parents Guide

Let’s take a look at what concerned parents need to know about the age ratings of the movie before letting their younger children watch Strays 2023.

LanguageStrays 2023 contains strong language, with profanity used throughout. Lookout words include sh*t, f*ck, bullsh*t, a**, a**h*le, b*tch, c*ck, p*&&y, d*ck, d*mn, t*ts, and phrases like “g-d d*mn.”

Mature Content: Other than the crude humour and stronger words throughout the entire film, it also contains drug use content, drug abuse, drug misuse, brief nudity (dog genitals), sex scenes (with dogs), sex references, aberrational behavior, and other scenes that include a mature theme that parents need to be made aware of. Some of the sexual scenes and sexual references include dogs humping statues, legs, and trash, as well as squirrels in a threesome humping each other. There are many scenes that show humans and dogs drinking alcohol and becoming intoxicated, smoking weed out of a bong, and tripping from eating wild mushrooms. Some violent scenes include a dog ripping off the penis of a character, and a scene that shows the dogs hallucinating, ripping a stuffed animal apart, only to wake up covered in dead body parts. A dog gets a huge boner that is shown on the screen, and there are some disgusting sequences of dogs peeing on each other and pooping everywhere.

Accessible Age Rating of the Movie Strays Age Rating: Universal Pictures Strays 2023 movie rating has an R rating by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA rating) for drug use, crude and sexual content, and pervasive language, and the parental guidelines advisory recommends it for mature audiences, an older audience, an adult audiences, young adults, and teens aged 17 years and older. The suggestion of parental guidance or a legal guardian (adult guardian) for this restricted R category is highly suggested for young children, younger kids under 17 years of age in this R-rated motion pictures for adult material. The minimum age recommendation is 17 years old.

Overall Thoughts

Strays is a 2023 American computer-animated comedy film directed by Josh Greenbaum and written by Dan Gregor and Doug Mand. The film stars the voices of Will Ferrell, Jamie Foxx, Isla Fisher, Randall Park, Will Forte, and Natasha Lyonne. The film follows a a group of stray dogs who team up to search and get sweet revenge on their abusive former owner. Think of a raunchy Homeward Bound and you have Strays movie!

The voice cast of the 2023 movie Strays is a star-studded line-up including Will Ferrell who voices Reggie, a Border Terrier who is abandoned by his owner and forced to fend for himself on the streets. Ferrell brings his usual comedic energy to the role, but he also gives Reggie a lot of heart and vulnerability. Jamie Foxx voices Bug, a Boston Terrier who befriends Reggie and helps him on his quest for revenge. Foxx brings a lot of charisma and charm to the role, and he has great chemistry with Ferrell. Isla Fisher (whose previous movies include TAG and Wedding Crashers) voices Maggie, an Australian Shepherd who joins Reggie and Bug on their journey. Fisher gives Maggie a lot of sass and attitude, but she also has a soft side that she shows Reggie. Randall Park voices Hunter, a therapy dog Great Dane who helps Reggie to heal from his trauma. Park brings a lot of warmth and compassion to the role, and he helps to ground the film’s more comedic moments.

The visual effects in the 2023 movie Strays are a mixed bag. On the one hand, the dogs themselves look and move very realistically. The animators did a great job of capturing the nuances of canine behavior, from the way they walk and run to the way they interact with each other. However, the style of the dogs’ mouths are not as convincing. When the dogs talk, their mouths move in a way that is not quite natural. This is likely due to the difficulty of animating realistic lip-sync for animals. Despite these flaws, the animals are both visually appealing and emotionally engaging, if viewers are able to get past the strange mouth movements.

The best part about Strays 2023 is the very clever and unexpected humor it contains. There are a lot of funny sight gags and one-liners, and the film does a terrific job of subverting our expectations. The film’s humor is often self-aware and meta. For example, there is a scene where a dog makes a joke about how talking dogs are a tired trope. This kind of humor helps keep the film from taking itself too seriously. There are moments that may be off-putting to some viewers, but they are also part of what makes Strays a unique and refreshing take on the talking-dog movie genre. The film doesn’t shy away from the realities of life on the streets, and it doesn’t sugarcoat the challenges that stray dogs face.

What really makes Strays stand out is how heartwarming its message resonates with themes about the power of friendship and love. The dogs in the movie are all outcasts in one way or another, but they find acceptance and belonging with each other. They teach each other the importance of loyalty and teamwork, and they help each other overcome their challenges. It’s a feel-good movie that will leave you with a smile on your face and a stark reminder that even in the darkest of times, there is always hope. If you’re looking for a movie that will make you laugh, cry, and feel good all at the same time, then check out Strays, you won’t regret it.

Strays 2023 Parents Guide