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Collection Of Hamilton Musical Quotes – Freedom, Racism, Equality

Hamilton Musical Quotes

The Hamilton musical is now on Disney+ and fans have been singing the musical quotes all weekend long. As someone who has always wanted to see the musical, but never having the chance, this was such a pleasant surprise thate Disney brought it to their streaming service for us to enjoy.  And I can tell you, I can see why fans often sing the Hamilton musical quotes, as they are so catchy, fun and often powerful.  Check out this list of Hamilton musical quotes which speaks of freedom, racism, equality, slavery and more.

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Hamilton Musical Quotes

My name is Alexander Hamilton And there’s a million things I haven’t done
But just you wait, just you wait.

How does a bastard, orphan, son of a whore and a
Scotsman, dropped in the middle of a forgotten
Spot in the Caribbean by Providence, impoverished, in squalor
Grow up to be a hero and a scholar?

While we’re talking, let me offer you some free advice
Talk less

Dying is easy, young man. Living is harder

If you stand for nothing, Burr, what’ll you fall for?

I am not throwing away my shot.
Hey yo, I’m just like my country, I’m young, scrappy and hungry,
and I am not throwing away my shot.

When you’re living on your knees, you rise up.
Tell your brother that he’s gotta rise up
Tell your sister that she’s gotta rise up

Raise a glass to Freedom,
Something they can never take away.

In New York, you can be a new man.

I may not live to see our glory
But I will gladly join the fight
And when our children tell our story
They’ll tell the story of tonight

Hamilton Musical Quotes

Love doesn’t discriminate
between the sinners
and the saints,
it takes and it takes and it takes
and we keep loving anyway

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness
We fought for these ideals we shouldn’t settle for less

Don’t do a thing
History will prove him wrong

Look ’em in the eye, aim no higher
Summon all the courage you require

We rise and we fall
and we break
and we make our mistakes.
And if there’s a reason I’m still alive
when everyone who loves me has died
I’m willing to wait for it.

Hamilton Musical Quotes

I’m a diamond in the rough, a shiny piece of coal
Tryin’ to reach my goal, my power of speech: unimpeachable

I imagine death so much it feels more like a memory

Talk less!
Smile more!
Don’t let them know what you’re against or what you’re for!

History has its eyes on you.

Have you an ounce of regret?
You accumulate debt, you accumulate power.
Yet in their hour of need, you forget.

How does a ragtag volunteer army in need of a shower
Somehow defeat a global superpower?