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Unhinged Movie Review – Undoubtedly Disturbing

Unhinged movie is un-pleasant, un-enjoyable and undoubtedly disturbing. This Russell Crowe road rage film is not worth risking the Covid.

Unhinged Movie Review

Unhinged is the first film to be released in theaters since early March when Covid struck the world like a erratic road-raging psychopath, in rush hour traffic.  It will be a true test to see if American’s are ready and feel comfortable enough to return to the movie theaters.  Is Russell Crowe’s new Unhinged movie worth the Covid risk?  Check out my movie review to find out!

Bonus: Collection of the craziest Unhinged movie quotes.

Unhinged Movie Review

The movie starts out truly disturbing as we see a very unrecognizable and sweaty Russell Crowe (no longer in Gladiator form of yesteryear), sitting in a very big truck, looking a bit deranged.  All guesses of insanity are confirmed as we watching him break into a home, kill the residents of said home and set the place ablaze.

Fast forward to the next morning, we meet Rachel (Caren Pistorius), a soon-to-be divorced hairdresser who lives with her brother and is struggling with single parenting her son, Kyle (Gabriel Bateman).  As luck would have it, Rachel crosses pathes with the deranged Crowe, who we believe is named Tom, and the pair exchange words after Rachel aggressively honks her horn at him while stuck in traffic. As Tom apologizes to Rachel and she flippantly disregards him while refusing to return the “courtsey”, Tom pledges to teach her a lesson stating, “I don’t even think you know what a bad day is. But you are gonna find out. You hear me, Miss?”

Unhinged Movie Review

And a lesson Rachel does learn. This scary encounter begins with a high speed chase, leading to stalking her down at a gas station, and escalates quickly there after.  Murder ensues, torture ensues and innocent bystanders being caught in the crossfire leads towards unsettling deaths.  I mean, if you are a fan of these mindless car chases and brutality, then you might like this one.  I, on the other hand, had many cringe moments which I gasped and had to look away.

In a time when the world is on edge, with an impending election, which has caused much division and hate towards one another, along with racial tensions with recent Black Lives Matter protests, I just do not find this sort of movie enjoyable.  Do we really need to see another angry white man, going off the chain, because he feels disrespected by a female who was a little heavy on the horn?   And to top it all off, this angry white man sets out on a mission to teach this woman a “lesson” on being courteous?  Give me a break.

If you are feeling Unhinged, you can go see this movie at your local theaters now, that is if the theaters are even open in your area.  If you don’t want to risk the Covid, you could just turn on the national news and basically see the same sort of darangement due to our recent political climate.

Unhinged Movie Review

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