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40+ Amazon Prime Video I WANT YOU BACK Movie Quotes

I Want You Back Movie Quotes

Amazon Prime Video I Want You Back drops on the streaming service on Friday, February 11th. I will have a review of the movie coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out. It will be linked down below. In the meantime, I wanted to share some of the best quotes from the film. Check out these 40+ of the best and most heartfelt Amazon Prime Video I Want You Back movie quotes.

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I Want You Back Movie Quotes

Are you trying to be the cutest, sweetest boyfriend in the whole world? Cause you are really winning.

Twenty-nine is the new sixteen.

I promise I can keep it together.

I just don’t want you to break up with me. I love you.

You are an adult in a workplace. Keep it together.

She wanted to drink wine and f*ck some guy in a Fonzi jacket.

Dying alone is really sweet, cause you are alone and nobody’s bothering you.

We are each other’s sadness sisters.

I Want You Back Movie Quotes

The movie is like twenty-five years old. I didn’t think I could spoil it.

Let’s just rip off the band-aid and do it.

Oh, you a human man? What’s that like?

This is her living a big life?

I can’t start over. I’m too old. I missed the boat.

We can’t give up. We have to get them back.

We have to break them up.

I would never date someone that does fracking.

This is like Cruel Intentions, only sexier.

That sounded like the finale.

I get that being a kid is hard. You’re greasy. You’re horny.

I’m like, “F*ck you, Dad. Why don’t you go do blow jobs with Bruce.”

Why don’t you cut your gay dad some slack and go have a talk with him.

You know what they say, “You gotta get back on the wh*res.”

Your life’s dream was to revolutionize the way we treat old people?

Anyone can be a one night bang, but a slow burn, that’s the one that gets under your skin.

This is literally what people have nightmares about.

I love this place. It’s crazy. I feel Italian or something.

Let’s all have sex to celebrate middle schoolers.

I can feel my heart beating through my eyes.

I Want You Back Movie Quotes

Oh sh*t, her dad sucks.

I miss it so much, my body hurts.

I’m not a problem that has to be solved.

It felt really good that you believed in me.

I just want you to know I believe in you too.

I don’t know what “platonic” means, but you are my girlfriend now.

I guess we didn’t think this plan through.

I realized that is just who you are, and there is nothing wrong with that.

You ever feel like you are getting left behind?

Emma believed in me more than you ever did.

You are my slow burn.

So you are insane. That’s great.

I don’t regret spending those years together, not even a little.

I think I just wanted the search to be over.