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George Lucas’ Pro-Family Environment: Star Wars Celebration 2022

George Lucas' Pro-Family Environment

During the press conference for Light & Magic at Star Wars Celebration 2022, the topic of family, children, and parenthood at ILM (Industrial Light & Magic) was raised. The two female panelists, Rose Duignan and Lynwen Brennan, general manager and EVP of LucasFilm, discussed their experience with starting a family and working for the company. Long story short, George Lucas and his company created a pro-family environment, even starting up their own daycare for employees of the company. Check out what they had to say about George Lucas’ pro-family environment and more.

George Lucas’ Pro-Family Environment

If there was one recurring theme that Rose Duignan, a production staffer at Industrial Magic & Light, kept returning to, it was George Lucas‘ love and commitment to children and the importance of putting family first. In fact, when Duignan had her first child while working for the company, Lucas commented to her, “I hope I won’t see you for five years.” and constantly asked about her family, even gifting her a book about developing self-esteem in children.

George Lucas' Pro-Family Environment

The Lucas company put its beliefs where its mouth is, and approved a daycare for all employees, including Duignan’s three children. Duignan jokes about the slogan for the daycare when it first opened, “We want your children.” Which may not have been the best slogan, Duignan admits, but the daycare has provided flexible enough to create a positive working environment while also encouraging the importance of family. Lynwen Brennan, LucasFilm EVP, confirmed this pro-family environment at ILM and shared with the audience that when she was on maternity leave, she was promoted to President of the company.

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