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90+ Sweet Netflix’s XO, KITTY QUOTES

Netflix's XO, Kitty Quotes

Netflix’s XO, Kitty released on the streaming service last week, on March 18th. I have a review of the series below; go check it out. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the show. Check out these 90+ of the best and sweetest Netflix’s XO, Kitty quotes.

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Netflix’s XO, Kitty Parents Guide Review

Netflix’s XO, Kitty Quotes

Summer in Portland. Everyone’s got their person, and I’m still trying to get in touch with mine.

My whole life, I’ve had to rely on other people to tell me about mom.

I want my own adventure.

You’re supposed to be 9 years old forever.

Did I just let my youngest daughter go to Korea to have sex with her boyfriend?

Pretty soon, these lips will no longer be virgin.

Korean skin care really is the best.

I just noticed that Americans speak louder than everyone else.

I knew about you already. I just didn’t know you were you this morning.

You never seen a girl crash into a dessert tower before?

No one is going to blame you for upgrading a penpal for an actual girlfriend.

I’m friendly to my friends.

You also have the love of your life twenty feet away from you, don’t blow that.

I believe Mr. Han means what he said. He will do better. So, let us move on.

He’s faking it. That’s a fake relationship.

He knew my school schedule when I lived thousands of miles away. Fakey McFakersons.

You’re hot; he’s hot; let’s move on it.

Compared to the US, Seoul isn’t exactly gay-friendly, but I have family in Iran and the Philippines, so I basically spend every vacation in Hetero Cosplay Summer Camp.

No money, no access to trouble.

Can you please just get out of my life?

I haven’t had a blocked pore in four years.

That’s the unfortunate thing about nicknames—they tend to stick.

He was wearing it this whole time? He kept this close to his heart.

In the Outdoors Club, the only thing we take more seriously than cardiovascular endurance is safety.

I wonder if my mom ever stood here.

I still got it.

Netflix's XO, Kitty Quotes

You may have failed this, but you just aced at being a great person.

I am admittedly entering new territory, but with the help of TikTok and a positive attitude, I’ll manage just fine.

I’ve won awards for my mash potatoes.

Do you want to poison your classmates, or do you want help?

You are angelic in the morning.

You are the last person I expected to know how to cook, or do anything remotely helpful.

What do you give the boy that cheated on you and broke your heart, but then let you live with him and now he wants to be your friend?

Not all people need to be star crossed-lovers to be compatible.

Whatever the reason, I’m grateful we all have somewhere to be today and for this chance to honor all of our ancestors.

This is exactly why I never had children.

I refuse to be sloppy seconds.

Our mom and Lee?
Our mom?

I love my dad—the dad who raised me.

I know you are just trying to help, but not everyone is on your time table.

I used to be taken. Then I found out he’s a cheating, lying, a-hole who can’t even say thank you.

Yuri and I may not be friends, but who are you to talk about her like that?

Women are not just here for your judging pleasure.

All I ask for is one night for myself to work on my own love life, but no, here I am, on the clock.

Not everyone is on Kitty time.

The fact that you’re actually thanking me for something is a welcomed change in my life.

My collagen water is meant to keep my skin dewy. Not rehydrate people who can’t handle their liquor.

Some of us have divorced parents waiting for any slip up to send us back home.

This could be fun, though, like the Breakfast Club, right?

He has to poop.

I need to know what she is hiding.
To understand her better?
No, to destroy her.

I love love triangles.

The sooner I find out what her secret is, the sooner I can use it against her.

You’re so cute, I could vomit.

Why did you take the necklace?
Because I’m an idiot. But I’m not going to be one anymore.

Principle Lin could be my mother.

Dreams are just dreams, but this, this is real, and it’s really happening.

I could kiss you forever.

We’ve been talking for years, but now we finally get to not talk.

The “adopt a baby” elephant in the room?

I’m just so in awe at what a good friend my mom was.

I promise you, we are not buddies. If anything, she plans to murder me in there.

You are just so likable and sincere, it’s annoying. And it’s making it really hard to lie to you.

I’m gay. And with the family I have, I’m not allowed to be.

You did all this for love. I get love. So, I guess now I am rooting for you.

You can hate me forever, but forgive him.

I really take it for granted that I have an amazing family that supports me no matter what.

She kept me warm on a very cold night.

I do that. I get all caught up in the chase, and then, meh.

Netflix's XO, Kitty Quotes

You gotta thank this Kitty girl, whoever she is.

Kitty and I are finally together. I’m not going to let her fail out of school now.

There is no graceful way to say this; I am your son.

I had to do what is best for my family then, and I am doing what is best for my family now.

I’m gay. Full stop. End of discussion.

I have to live a fake life just so you will keep loving me. And I am done doing that.

You’d think I’d be good at chemistry; it is basically matchmaking.

I’m not a raccoon; I choose to look away from the shine.

I’m gay.
Oh my God, welcome.

I told you I know matchmaking.

I love the smell of finals in the morning.

You are the girl that flew half way around the world for what she wants. What could possibly make you nervous?

I’m cheating, but not on you.

I have feelings for somebody else.

I can’t do this now. I can’t do this ever.

I didn’t want you to give up your whole future because of me.

You don’t deserve this night-night tea.

I deserve another chance. You say, “Go big or go home,” right? I might be doing both.

You’re so much like your mother. She never backed down when she believed in something.

I’m not here to meet Kitty; I’m here for you.

My time at KISS isn’t what I thought it would be; it was so much more.

I learned, I grew up, I expanded. My world got so much bigger.

I thought maybe you could use a friend.

Kitty. I think I fell in love with you. A little bit, or a lot.