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Roundup of 75 Quick & Healthy Breakfast Recipes: A Foodie Collection

This post is part of the sponsored campaign.  However, all opinions are my own.


The New Year is here and with it comes our New Years Resolutions!  Do you know what the number one New Years resolution is?  If you guessed, “lose weight/eat healthier” then you are right!  Healthier eating is something I try to do all year round, you could probably tell by my huge collection of healthier recipes.  When crafting most of my recipes, I try to go for quick and simple.  Ain’t nobody got time to sit at home and create a 50 ingredient dish!  However, breakfast time is when I struggle the most.  Mornings in my household are crazy and I seem to always lack the time to prepare anything.  My favorite breakfast dish is usually something I can prepare before hand, store and quickly heat up.  And because I struggle with breakfast, I usually end up eating the same monotonous foods.  This year I am going to mix it all up!  I created a Collection of 75 Quick and Healthy Breakfast Recipes, check out the entire collection in bottom image!


When you think of breakfast dishes, I am sure many of you think of eggs.  My collection has some great and creative ways to prepare eggs.  A few of my favorites are the egg muffins and a pizza omelet!  How creative is that?  It’s also something my kids would totally enjoy making and eating!



Speaking of breakfast dishes for the kids, they need to eat healthy too!  My collection includes some kid friendly favorites such as French Toast, Blueberry Waffles and even a homemade Blueberry Syrup recipe!



Donuts, muffins, smoothies, parfaits!  I also had to include some of my favorite like this Green Tea Smoothie and Biscuits & Greek Yogurt!  Don’t they all sound just wonderfully delicious?!  Don’t forget to check out the entire collection below and Happy Healthy Eating!
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