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New Years Day Recipes: A Collection of Lucky New Year Food Recipes

If you are looking for Lucky New Year Food Recipes, Healthy New Years Day Recipe, New Years Food Recipes, or New Year Appetizer Recipes; then you have come to the right place!  Below is a great list for your New Years taste buds!

There are various New Year’s Day traditions all around the world.  Many of these traditions center around food, with certain foods bringing good luck the rest of the year.  Whether one is superstitious or not, many of these foods are thought to bring one good health, fortune and even fertility!  I thought I would share a list of some of the “good luck foods” for the New Year’s and a collection of recipes for each.  Even if these foods don’t bring you the good luck you wished for, at least you will go into the New Year with a delicious meal and a full belly.


Black Eyed Peas
The black eyed pea is a staple dish in southern United States and they are considered good luck because of its “penny-like” shape.  Traditionally, the dish is served on New Year’s Day in a recipe called Hoppin John.  When the dish is served as a leftover the day after New Year’s, it is call Skinny Jenny.
Corn, Avacado & Black Eyed Peas Salsa
Black Eyed Peas & Sausage



Corn Bread
Another southern United States New Year’s Day “good luck food” is Cornbread.  Because of its yellow color, which resemble the color of gold, cornbread is thought to bring extra luck.  Extra kernels are usually added to the cornbread at this time to resemble golden nuggets.
Mexican Corn Bread with Hatch Green Chilis
Cheesy Jalapeno Corn Bread
Sweet Buttermilk Corn Bread



Italy and Hungary are big into the lentil bringing good luck and fortune.  A very popular New Year’s Day dish in Italy is Green Lentils & Sausage, the green lentil symbolizes fortune.  In Hungary, as the lentils soak in water and expand, it symbolizes the growth of wealth.
Lentils & Rice
Hearty Lentil & Quinoa Stew



You can pretty much guess why leafy greens are known to bring good fortune and cash throughout the year.  This lucky food extends all over the world from South America to Europe.  Superstition has it that the more greens you eat, the more wealth you will gain. Even if you don’t believe that, they are super healthy, so eat away!
Southern Style Bacon Mustard Greens
Kale & Artichoke Dip



In many countries, including Cuba, Spain, Hungary & Austria, pigs symbolize progress.  This “good luck” belief is probably due to the fact that pigs can’t walk backwards.  Also, their feeding habits push food forward as they eat.  Therefore, many people around the world eat pork and/or pork shape foods on New Year’s Day as good luck that the new year will bring much progress!
Pork Chops & Hashbrown Casserole
Skinny Slow Cooker Sweet & Sour Pork
Country Friend Pork Chops



The pomegranate is considered a good luck food for many reasons, its red color symbolizes the heart, denotes life and fertility and represents health.  It is considered a good luck food in Turkey and often eaten on New Year’s Day.  Its abundance of seeds also represents prosperity.
Chocolate Pomegranate Ginger Bark