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Most Touching BIGFOOT FAMILY Movie Quotes Collection


Bigfoot Family movie has dropped on Netflix today, and boy is it an adorable animated film about a family of sasquatch’s that care about the environment and want to save it from the evil oil companies, set out to destroy it. I jotted down some of the best and most touching quotes from the animated film and I wanted to share them with you, because I sure love me a touching movie line! Check out this list of the best and most touching Bigfoot Family movie quotes.

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Every family is weird but trust me, mine is the weirdest.

I’ve got all the magical powers but none of the fur.

I can talk to animals.

For such a big fella, you sure drink a tiny cup of coffee.

I think we can all agree, oof, you make those mutations look good.

Getting a little handsy there, Becky.


I just want to find a way to make the world a better place.

I’m a big time dumpster diver.

You’re only hot until you’re not.

I can’t take 10% of meaningful.

14 views? I get more than that with the lens cap on.

You ever you are, where ever you are, you can make a difference.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Throw on some sandals, put on a poncho and we’ll get you some kombucha and goji berry granola.

Nobody cares more about the environment than me.

Oola la, was that your girlfriend?

I guess they got those seatbelt rules for a reason.

I’m scared I won’t get a good thin crust pizza out here.

I didn’t come all the way to Alaska to wait in the car.


You destroy our land and poison the ground we walk on. All you care about is the black smelly water.

And I’d like to eat something that’s dying.

So much for clean oil leaving no environmental impact.

I kept my promise by bringing you here, now you keep yours and save our valley.

Maxium impact for maxium oil.

You hippies are so trusting, it’s pathetic.

You were right, this place is worth saving.

Life is short. I wish I hadn’t been too scared to tell you how I felt.

There’s no escaping the Big Daddy.

Dial up internet was faster than this.

You ever have to run to the bathroom in a hurry? Yeah, that fast.

There’s no room for dreamers out here Bigfoot.

I’m proud of the whole family.

I looked him right in the eyes and I said, it’s time to stop this crude behavior. Get it? Cause sometimes oil is called crude.

I’m also the hero of this story.

Our boy’s all grown up.