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Collection of Best HBO Max MADE FOR LOVE Season 2 Quotes

Made For Love Season 2 Quotes

HBO Max Made For Love season 2 dropped on the streaming service last week. I will have a review of the new season coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out. It will be linked down below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of the best quotes from the show. Check out this collection of the best HBO Max Made For Love season 2 quotes.

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Made For Love Season 2 Parents Guide Review

Made For Love Season 2 Quotes

Are you sure you’re not mad I brought you to the hub?

How could I be mad at you? You saved my life.

Finish the job.

You know he’s using my father’s life to hold me hostage?

The second he is better, we’re leaving.

Why does this water taste delicious? So crisp. Like mountain air.

I’ve never looked that f*cking cool ever.

I know my Hazel a lot better than she’d like to admit.

She has the key to the kingdom.

It’s the only place in the hub that nobody knows about except me. It’s my sanctuary.

This is the next portion of your life.

I don’t have the flush of youth any longer.

Why don’t we plan your death later? I gotta get to work.

I want to build a whole world for you.

Fresh shave for a fresh start.

We like to say gamily instead of family because Gogol starts with a G.

We are opening doors to infinity.

Wow, you are tall and attractive. I’m not going to let you shake my wife’s hand.

I’m on a layaway plan for the nonessential parts.

Made For Love Season 2 Quotes

Just tell her I am way too high for this sh*t.

What if Hazel doesn’t even care?

Are you saying my herpes is cured?

Time is a social construct. It’s a fact, not opinion.

You live like a drug kingpin.

I’m the one that showed you my butthole when you were creeping around in Hazel’s eyes.

This is so romantic. I’m so horny for this. You did a great job.

So why did you put a chip in her brain? Are you a sociopath?

Facial recognition isn’t placing her anymore.

Diane, we’re in trouble.

I’ve never met a Jasper before.

All the things that you never got to do in life, you can do them here.

What’s that stabbing reminder of what your life could have been if you’d never met Byron f*cking Gogol?

I do not want to control your daughter. I love her and all I want is a second chance, just like the one you’re getting.

They both need to be okay at the end of all of this.

That was one of the only times in the past decade that I’ve had a moment of feeling okay.

The best way to distract someone is to make them believe they’re about to get what they want.

You still manage to take my breath away.

I got the need for speed, Diane.

Human emotion is simple to diagnose.

You’re asking a lot of questions for a man who hasn’t even offered me a drink.

What double crossing snake is the reason I’m here in the pasture cube?

I want this. I want to be alive.

I know you wear the clothes and everything, but you do not have to play the part. Just tell me the truth. That’s all I’m asking. I know who you are now. I know the real you now.

You gotta make people feel something if you want them to do something.

I have met anyone that feels like a real person. Except you.

I may be pretty, but I’m not stupid.

Made For Love Season 2 Quotes

I had to train myself you not feel anything, and I kind of got too good at it.

Finally, you let Rapunzel out of the tower.

Does she lay your panties out in the morning for you too?

He can help us. We can become real.

We storm the castle, and you end up being the hero.

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