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Made For Love Season 2 Parents Guide Review

HBO Max’s Made For Love Season 2 brings back the fun quirkiness with a stellar performance by Cristin Milioti. Check out the details in my parents guide review.

Made For Love Season 2 Parents Guide

HBO Max’s Made For Love season 2 is back with its first few episodes now streaming. The sequel brings back stars Cristin Milioti, Ray Romano, and Billy Magnussen in this out-of-the-box, quirky futuristic series with more of the same fun we saw in the first season. This time around, we see Hazel back with her toxic husband, Byron Gogol, in order to save her father from dying of cancer. Check out the details in my parents guide review.

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Made For Love Season 2 Quotes

Made For Love Season 2 Parents Guide

In Made For Love Season 2, Hazel has returned to the Hub and has promised to resume her place for the twelve weeks of her father’s treatment. She is forced to uphold the image of a supportive wife, as Gogol battles legal trouble and an FBI investigation. Things are not as straightforward as they appear, as Gogol’s newest revolutionary technology threatens Hazel’s agency. Will Hazel be able to outwit her boy-genius, man-child husband?

Made For Love Season 2 Parents Guide

Made For Love Season 2 Age Appropriate Parents Guide

Let’s take a look at what parents need to know before letting their kids watch Made For Love Season 2.

Language: Made For Love Season 2 contains strong language, with profanity used throughout. Lookout words include: f*ck, sh*t, b*tch, d*mn, and more.

Mature Content: The series contains many mature topics and discussions around sex. A character has a relationship and experiences sexual encounters with a doll. The series also contains kidnappings, dead bodies, drugs, and alcohol being consumed.

Overall Thoughts

Made for Love Season 2 brings back all of the silly, dark humor and then some. This season we no longer see Hazel (Milioti) trying to play nice, as she returns to the “Hub” under one condition: to cure her father, Herbert Green (Romano), of his cancer. However, Herbert is unaware of the agreement and has no idea he is in the Hub, much less receiving treatments. This little twist opens the door for some hilarious moments, as he seems confused about why he is always falling asleep and waking up seconds later, although his biological clock is telling him the time is wrong, due to his erections “popping off” during unusual times. Romano’s relationship with his doll, Diane, continues in the Hub, and while the situation seems totally outrageous, viewers have long since looked at her as her own character and Romano’s love interest. Even his one-sided conversations with her started to sound normal.

What makes Made for Love Season 2 continue to work, despite its outrageous plot, is the stellar performances all around. Billy Magnussen, who plays billionaire Byron Gogol, has mastered the split personality of being completely vulnerable with his feelings for Hazel one minute and able to flip the switch back to evil tech-oligarch the next. However, it is Milioti’s performance as Hazel that really seals the deal and takes the series to the next level this season. No longer playing the nice girl, Milioti makes it clear to Byron that the moment her father is well, she is leaving the Hub and Byron for good, and she is not about to make his life easy in the meantime. It is the dynamic between Magnussen and Milioti this season that makes it the huge success it is. The love-hate between the two and the way they play off each other makes this unbelievable plot work. It is hard to say what could happen if the series moves on beyond this season, and one hopes that the story doesn’t become too incredulous, thereby “jumping the shark.” It has been a thoroughly enjoyable, albeit strange, ride up to this point, and I hope it continues to be successful.

Made For Love Season 2 Parents Guide