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35+ Terrifying SMILE Movie Quotes

Smile Movie Quotes

Smile drops into theaters tomorrow, on September 30th. I will have a review of the movie coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out. It will be linked down below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the film. Check out these 35+ of the best and most terrifying Smile movie quotes.

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Smile Parents Guide Movie Review

Smile Movie Quotes

I think you are having another manic episode.

I know what you are feeling feels real, but it can’t hurt you.

I promise this is a safe place.

I’m a PhD candidate. I’m not some lunatic.

It looks like people, but it is always a different person.

It’s like it wears people’s faces like little masks.

It’s smiling at me, but not like a friendly smile. It’s the worst smile I’ve ever seen in my life.

It tells me things.

Why become a doctor if you can’t get disgustingly rich?

You’re going to die.

Smile Movie Quotes

We can’t help these patients unless we have our own mental health in check.

Are you sure you didn’t let someone inside, Rose? Look behind you.

It wasn’t so much the blood. It was her face, the look she had.

You have wounds that never fully healed.

It wasn’t me. It wasn’t me, I swear.

I need to tell you something, and I need you to know I’m not crazy.

I should take it all down, but I can’t stand being in here.

He kept saying it was trying to get inside of him.

He watched someone die by suicide?

You said I wouldn’t ask you any questions.

Rose, who are these people?

Why don’t you just f*cking make yourself at home?

This is exactly what happened to mom. You sound just like her.

Tally’s a whole box of Fruit Loops, so good luck.

Your patient is going to die, unless she kills someone.

You have it? Why the fuck did you come here? You’re not giving it to me.

Almost time, Rose.

Smile Movie Quotes

I need to be alone.

Help me, please. Mommy made a mistake.

I haven’t been a good mom. I want to be. I really try to be.

There is something terrible inside of me.

I carried that guilt my entire life and I have to let it go.

Your mind makes it real.

You can’t escape your own mind.

It’s my mind and you can’t escape it either.

I’m sorry for dragging you into my f*cked up mess.

I’ll stay with you forever.