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50+ Fabulous BETTER NATE THAN EVER Movie Quotes

Better Nate Than Ever Movie Quotes

Disney+ Better Nate Than Ever drops on this streaming service this Friday, April 1st. I will have a review of the movie coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out. It will be linked down below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the film. Check out these 50+ of the best and most fabulous Disney+ Better Nate Than Ever movie quotes.

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Better Nate Than Ever Parents Guide Movie Review

Better Nate Than Ever Movie Quotes

Today is very low stakes for me.

The pediatrician said my lip skin is unusually sensitive.

Tough crowd.

It’s hard to get a leading role when no one will give you a chance.

Forget New York, I’m just trying to survive 7th grade.

It damages my clout when my best friend isn’t even cast as Abraham Lincoln’s understudy.

My love language is quality time.

Also, I’m using your shoulder as a pillow and you’re dealing with it.

Post that one where you are clipping your dog’s nails in the kitchen. You are looking especially innocent.

I hope karma hits him in the size of a bus. A metaphorical bus, that is.

The competition seems to think you’re flying solo.

I’ve been called many names in my time, but sign is a first.

We haven’t chosen a label at this point in our relationship.

He thinks “Broadway” is a four-letter word.

Better Nate Than Ever: Joshua Bassett

Imagine you are seeing a blue, dog-like alien for the first time in your life and it makes you scream.

For the record, I have a ton of phobias, but heights isn’t one of them.

Cut at my first and last Broadway audtion. That’s gonna be the name of my first book title.

I’m still trying to find my thing. And I kind of only do the school shows to, you know, be with you.

I know how much you want to be with me, but I’m not like that.

I’ve been there, sweetheart, and I married the guy.

Of course, I have a pornographic memory.

Would you like to make a donation to a kid who doesn’t have a place to sleep tonight?

I’m not the praying kind, but I’m gonna pray for you, ma’am.

Funds have been raised. I will be paying for this with quarters and dimes.

This is why I love you. I really do.

I would never miss a museum BarMitzvah.

He’s like if Nathan Lane and the Tazmanian devil had a baby.

She had a dream, I never had a dream.

Some just aren’t comfortable yet letting everyone know it.

You remind me of me.

You’re literally all I want to be when I grow up.

Queens is still New York and you are still my hero.

Find your light. Everyone forgets that, but how are they going to remember you if they can’t see you?

She got the one thing I couldn’t get. An amazing kid.

How are you here right now?

I know I embarrass you, Anthony, every day. And I know that you hate being my brother, but please, just let me have this one thing.

You get to see what makes people amazing, before they even know it about themselves.

It’s a matter of life, death, and dreams.

When all this is over, I want to know how much you paid for this place.

As long as he’s alive, everything is going to be okay.

Be respectful; this is an audition place.

Better Nate Than Ever Movie Quotes

He is incredibly castable and quiet and cuddly. No matter who he chooses to love.

Don’t worry, I’m losing the coat.

I’m 100. Hi, I’m 100 years old.

You know, you are the only kid here who didn’t show up with a parent today.

Musicals allow us to say things we can’t really say in real life.

You don’t embarrass me. I promise. You don’t embarrass me, Nate.

I just wanted to be here with you.

I really meant it last night. You’re my hero.

Thanks for making me runaway.

I think I’ve found my thing.

Your secret is safe with me.