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180+ Shocking Netflix’s BRIDGERTON SEASON 2 Quotes

Bridgerton Season 2 Quotes

Netflix’s Bridgerton season 2 drops on the streaming service this Friday, March 25th. I will have a review of the series coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out. It will be linked down below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the show. Check out these 180+ of the best and most shocking Bridgerton season 2 quotes.

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Bridgerton Season 2 Quotes

I left my husband and child at home for this.

Apathy is a blight the monarchy simply cannot endure.

Her Majesty does not take kindly to any hinder of hysterics.

What I need is what I have, and that is a list.

She’s one of us.

No matter what, you will always be a diamond to me.

Did you miss me?

I was sharpening my knives for all of you.

Questions abound as to this author’s identity and means. Seeking those answers shall prove fruitless, indeed.

I am not here to find a husband for myself, only for my sister, who, indeed, stands quite tall and smiles rather exquisitely.

This is the first chapter of a happy story.

I’ve got a victory lap to enjoy.

The gardens here are so lovely.

So many flowers when I’m truly seeking for is a gem.

It is unacceptable here for a lady to decline a dance with a gentleman unless she’s already reserved by another.

Love is the last thing I desire. But if my children are to be of good stock, then their mother must be of impeccable quality.

I take issue with any man who views women merely as chattels and breeding stock.

Your character is as sufficient as your horsemanship.

It would seem both of us will have our hands full this season.

I am sure we have much to learn from you, such as the preparation of this excellent tea.

The season has barely begun and already I feel touched in the head.

It is rather clever the way she uses plant puns to belittle.

There is nothing quite like the sweet-scented smell of success.

I am looking for perfection, Mother. And you should too.

I thought you ladies were taught to dance.

Everyone has their theory I suppose.

We have come to London to find your husband, not mine.

There is nothing on earth quite so envied as a diamond.

You said you wanted to shake up the season, now’s your chance.

When you are invisible, you have all the amusement you want without any of the expectations popularity brings. It frees you.

The real work begins now.

A man who knows what he wants is most admirable.

Color, clarity, carat, cut. At long last, the queen has named her most precious stone.

Is the entire practice of naming a diamond, well, rather ridiculous? Should a woman not be valued for so much more than her dancing skills or her comportment? Should we not value a woman instead for her candor, her character, her true accomplishments?

Formed under pressure, desired by many, yet possessed only by a fortunate few, there is nothing on Earth quite so envied as a diamond.

The helping of others is a noble interest indeed.

Seems your guest has caught the attention of the viscount, Lady Danbury.

Have you found a wife yet? Or are you planning on offending every young girl until there are none left?

She is pompous and arrogant and quite sure she knows best in every situation.

She’ll make a perfectly agreeable wife.

Just another reminder of how trapped I am.

No one truly notices me.

I’m looking for perfection mother, and you should too.

Take your Trojan horse elsewhere.

At least it is the men who are making fools of themselves this time.

In truth, it is not the matter of the color, but rather how one wears it. You wear it well.

I only wanted to fully understand myself before I stepped back into this world.

Bridgerton Season 2 Quotes

You are Penn, you don’t count. You are my friend.

It is the art of revealing precious truth with words.

What is it truly to admire a woman?

I despise English tea.

When you are invisible you can have all of the entertainment you like without any of the expectations popularity brings.

He cannot give you the love you deserve.

I have lost. I have lost. I have earned the right to do whatever I please, whenever I please, and however I please to do it.

Child, you are not me.

She is who I shall marry.

The new Lord Featherington is here to provide.

There are two things that lurk within the dark and shadowy places of our fair city. Vermin and secrets. I shall leave it to you, dear reader, as to which do the most harm.

You can not show someone your best, without allowing them to see your worst.

This house carries many memories, good and bad.

It is a true love match that is rare.

Every rose does have its thorn after all.

They are off to a slow start, but I have hopes of bloodshed.

I was told unsportsmanlike conduct was a requirement for this game.

Could you set aside the latest family squabble and embrace me.

Edmond should be here.

So dance with a bevy of frogs and one of them might turn out to be a prince?

Beating you feels the same as any other win, but somehow smells sweeter.

The one that makes it impossible for you to look away from them at any given moment. When your body and soul feel as if they could burst into flames whenever the two of you are near.

After all a woman is allowed to have but two interests. Marriage or spewing slander about her peers apparently.

When all you are able to do to fight the urge to lean forward and touch their lips with yours.

There comes a time in everyone’s like when one needs a partner. One who sees you for who you truly are to help ease the burdens of the day.

You relish this frivolity as much as I do.

You must not let the game of pall-mall dismay you. Antagonism is, I’m afraid, what you must expect.

Everyone tells me it is a fate worse than death to end up a spinster.

The world is not very welcoming for an unmarried woman.

This is my best. I am doing my best.

I’m aware I’ve made a fool of myself tonight Lady Danbury, I do not need to hear it from you.

Edmon was the sir that I brethed. And now there is no air.

I am fulfilling my duty to this family, mother. That is what takes precedence above all else.

After your father died, a wall went up inside you, and love became some kind of weakness instead of your greatest strength. And that is not you.

You deserve the feeling that I had the moment your father placed that ring on my finger.

I seek an amiable partner with whom I may share a pleasant life, untouched by heartbreak and the ravages of grief.

In a world of men, you have built a thriving business, much like myself.

I am unharmed.

If the ancient Greeks were member of the ton, they might have added to their Olympic pentathlon one additional event. The hosting of a country visit.

I have taught you well.

He is the one I want, Kate.

I’m thinking I’m not the only one getting into dangerous waters.

I think you’ll find there is no greater pleasure than enjoying your home alone with your family.

Isn’t that what a good marriage should be? Bringing out each other’s best?

I know how to find my happiness, Miss Bridgerton.

From the moment I saw you riding alone in that park, it was obvious that rules are meaningless to you.

Do you ever look at your life and wonder what might have been if we conducted ourselves differently?

I have left the past behind, you should do the same.

We are not all guaranteed a fairytale ending.

If you would simply open your eyes for what is in front of you, then you might see there are those in your life you already make happy.

He was stung by a bee.

She is certainly a diamond. She knows exactly what to do and exactly what to say at all times.

Is there not something in all of us that requires a challenge?

In the Dukes absence, you have become quite meddlesome.

You’d rather alter the punch than engage in meaningful conversation?

You vex me!

Tell me you feel nothing and I will walk away.

Did he compromise you?

You should know she is marrying a penniless man.

Victory, indeed.

When even the most well kept secrets must come to light.

Why should there be limits to a woman’s ambitions?

Is this not the reconciliation you hoped for?

You are supposed to be finding a way out of this mess, not drowning us deeper in debt.

I’m skilled at more than simply standing naked.

Although two of the founding members are women, we are still not allowed to enter the classroom. At least, not while we are clothed.

From the very first moment, your father and I were drawn together. It is a very powerful thing to meet someone and feel that you know them, in a way like any other.

A gentleman can never take back his word. But a woman may.

You think me an unfeeling harridan, but perhaps it would surprise you to learn that I am hosting this dinner for your sake.

Bridgerton Season 2 Quotes

After passion cools and fate intervenes, who else is a woman left with but herself?

It is a poor player who plays the game, and a wise one who plays their opponent.

I simply wish to steer my sister to the greatest possible happiness.

Miss Edwina did not need to win a silly game in order to win my heart.

Do not think I took it lightly, being cast out by the only family I have ever known. I was heartbroken, indeed.

You did not think we would allow another generation to pollute the Sheffield name, did you?

There comes a time in everyone’s life when one needs a partner.

You are the bane of my existence, and the object of all my desires. Night and day, I dream of you.

The world is not exactly welcoming to an unmarried woman. There seems to be no place in society for us except at the edge of things.

Just because you are devoted to this family does not mean there should be no room left for love.

You have choices, Bon.

Tell me Brother, if you loved it there so much, why did you ever return home?

Funny how distance is no match for memory, is it not?

Ever since the viscount has been courting me, I have sensed you were not being entirely truthful. And now I know that I was right.

Seems ever since the awful creature pricked you, you’ve been keeping to yourself.

Hate is probably too strong a word.

What burden would it be to marry the person I love?

Duty. More than laws or faith, I have often thought of it the bond that holds our fragile society together.

Is that not what a good marriage should mean? Bringing out the best in one another?

Remarkable, yes. In that I seem to have many remarks about it, do I not?

What happens when such duty is in conflict with the heart’s true desire?

She is all things good and true. A kinder soul you will never find.

A march down the aisle may very well be the longest walk any young lady ever takes.

No one has sharper eyes on the ton than I do.

True love is something else entirely. It is when the rest of the world goes quiet. It is not eyes that meet but souls that dance.

I changed so that our family might survive, so that you could be respectable enough to marry a duke.

I fight for the family that I have.

Is entrapping a man in marriage really so uncommon?

Must you always be so you?

Our places. Our roles. They align.

I understand you. I sympathize with you. In a certain light, I am you. We do not have the luxury of choice. We can not escape our roles.

If you would simply open your eyes to those that are in front of you, then you might see there are those in your life that already make you happy.

I saw a light and thought you might have left a candle lit.

My father used to read to me during the monsoons, now the rain makes me think of him.

I am not too proud to admit when he is right.

I do not know which pains me more. Your betrayal or your pity.

In the Duke’s absence you’ve become quite meddlesome have you not?

I see you for the capable woman that you are.

The two of you cannot seem to stay away from one another.

I did not realize that the diamond outweighs the Crown.

My purpose will challenge me to be brave and witty. My purpose will propel me far beyond the watchful glare of my mama. My purpose should set me free.

I chose you for this season’s diamond for a reason. Yes, you possess great beauty, but you made an impression. You still do. And you still can.

I am your Queen, but I suppose even I must recognize the importance of each person deciding what to do in the face of true love. Everyone deserves to make that choice just as everyone deserves to feel its power.

You cannot provide me with what it is I want. What it is that I deserve. What everyone deserves.

Today you have lost your power, while I have made up my own mind. And that is victory enough for me.

Leave it to people to complicate matters with their ceremonies and their cakes. is it not a wonder why anyone marries at all?

Marriage amounts to little more than human ritual. We may not force the rooster or hen, yet we continue to collect eggs.

Pride may not be as precious to you as your breath.

If we can put the wedding behind us, so can they.

Happy ending do not exist, Kate. At least not in real life.

You have always been so constant and loyal, Pen.

As one makes one’s bed, so one must lie in it.

I may not know who I truly am, but at least I know that I am more kind hearted than you.

I have never known anyone like you. It’s maddening, how much you consumer my very being.

You do know that America has no royalty. You could be their queen.

You’ve dipped your tow into my waters, trying to make yourself feel better about the unearned advantages of your birth. Now you can go back to your life. And I can go back to mine.

I have shown up far too late for far too many things.

Your father was the best man ever.

The only thing that would disappear me would to see you care what everyone else thinks.

Be the sister that I know you are.

You have spent so much of your time shining your light on me. It is time for you to shine on your own.

I was fearful of losing you.

Is that a promise, Kathani Sharma?

It has been said, that silence can wield more power than words. No one knows that better than me.

It is in silence where one may find truth. All one has to do I suppose, is listen for it.

And admit defeat? Never.