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The Greatest Beer Run Ever Quotes

AppleTV+’s The Greatest Beer Run Ever drops on the streaming service tomorrow, Friday, September 30th. I will have a review of the movie coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out. It will be linked down below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the film. Check out these 50+ of the best and most revealing The Greatest Beer Run Ever quotes.

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The Greatest Beer Run Ever Parents Guide Movie Review

The Greatest Beer Run Ever Quotes

Who picks up more tabs than me?

You’re a professor, and your grandmother is Miss America.

Eight kids in this neighborhood are dead already. How long is it gonna take before you all wake up?

His rush was he was doing his patriotic duty.

War is not a TV show; it is too real life.

I ain’t got a short fuse, you just don’t know when you lit it.

You weren’t dodging bullets, you were dodging bar tabs.

This war isn’t about stopping communism; it’s about spreading imperialism.

The hell with your peace.

I’m going to Vietnam, and I’m bringing them beer.

How will bringing them beers help support them?

Just imagine being a soldier who just got home and the first thing you see is that sign.

It’s like you said, everyone’s doing something. I’m doing nothing.

You could be walking into a blood bath.

If you are not back here in 72 hours and one second, you better be dead.

Stop helping him. What are you trying to do, get him killed?

I didn’t come all this way just to quit after one night.

One more time for Jesus.

The Greatest Beer Run Ever Quotes

Telling the truth about this war is being supportive of our boys.

The point is, I’m trying to show them that someone from back home still gives a sh*t.

Can we get an egg beater tonight and scoot him out of here?

You want a taste of Vietnam? You’re about to get it. Grab your sh*t.

We’re gonna run for our lives.

Were you expecting a Howard Johnson’s?

I went home after my first tour, and I didn’t fit in. So I came back. Twice. I really feel at home here.

Every once in awhile, you run into a guy that’s just too dumb to get killed.

We are going over there to defend the United States of America. How can that possibly not be the right thing to do?

It’s not every day you get to help a secret agent in need.

You’re gonna find out, it’s a lot harder to get out of a war than it is to get into one.

Maybe it’s not a ceasefire; maybe the enemy just ran out of bullets.

They might smile at us, but they sure as sh*t don’t want us here.

Maybe if you guys lost as many friends as I have, maybe you’d feel differently.

The truth doesn’t hurt us. It’s the lies, the lies and the conspiracy to distort that truth, that’s what hurt America.

Smuggling beer into a war zone? That’s not the smartest thing I’ve ever heard of. Certainly, it isn’t the worst thing either.

Let’s go see what the world looks like today.

The Greatest Beer Run Ever Quotes

Put this around your neck, anyone that ask ya just say you’re press.

They had to flatten my entire base to get you to visit me?

A g-d d*mn beer is supposed to make it all okay?

This is a war. Somebody’s gotta be here to know what’s going on.

This isn’t a war anymore, it’s mass murder.

That’s what war is, Chickie. It’s one giant crime scene.

I’m nothing.

You got a good heart, Chickie. It’s your brain I worry about.

He came back to settle his tab.

The chaos over there isn’t under control. It isn’t under control at all.

I’m not so sure we’re saving the world this time.

I’m proud of you for going over there, Chickie. No one else would do that.

I didn’t want him to be afraid. But I should’ve let him be afraid.

Little less drinking, a little more drinking.