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100+ Wise Netflix’s GINNY & GEORGIA Quotes

Ginny & Georgia Quotes

Netflix’s new series, Ginny & Georgia is dropping tomorrow, February 24th! I will have a review coming very soon, so make sure to stop back by, it will be linked down below. In the meantime, I wanted to share this list of some of the best and wise quotes from the series. I love me a good line and I thought this produced some great ones. Check out this huge list of 100+ best and wise Netflix Ginny & Georgia quotes.

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Ginny & Georgia Parents Guide Review

Ginny & Georgia Quotes

Sex. Men want it and men think you should give it to him.

Passion, power, men, sex. I’ll take her word for it. She’s the expert.

I’m nothing like my mom.

You’re magic, remember?

For a second there, I thought we were going to have a Pretty Woman moment.

Want to smoke the weed I confiscated from my deliquent son?

Do you think you can handle two fingers?

I think you only want passion until you’ve been burned. Then power starts looking really good.

It’s my first day, I can’t show up all Chewbacca.

My mom knows she’s beautiful. And she guards her beauty like someone is trying to break in and steal it.

For a woman, life is a battle. And beauty is a g-d d* machine gun.

If they can see where your makeup ends and your face begins, you’ve done it wrong.

It’s a face, not a mask, you have to blend.

Blending has never been my specialty.

You are so like, exotic looking.

I got old and forgot what youth feels like.

I’m use to not being seen, even by my mom.

Fantasies are for people with 401K’s.

Big dreams are for big idiots.

Don’t cry over spilled condiments.

Everywhere has problems.

It’s not that Georgia doesn’t believe in dreams, she just thinks they’re useless unless you force them into reality.

What if all your dreams come true and it’s still not enough?

My mom has never had trouble with men, It’s effortless to her, like breathing. She always knows what to say, how to be.

She’s unapologetically fearless. She just puts herself out there. Men, sex, all of it.

I swear to G-d, I’m adopted.

You’re such a bad feminist.

I use to think my mom was an expert with men, but now, I think she might not know how to love.

You can’t fall in love if you always have your guard up.

Be nice. Be normal. I beg you.

I like you and that doesn’t happen for me a lot, or ever.

Fear… it hits you right in the solar plexus.

To really stimulate fear is an art form. You need tension, threat, foreboding.

Ginny & Georgia Quotes

Boo, b*tch.

You will not be the reason I don’t get to live this life, Georgia.

I will not be trash like you.

I think Georgia loves scary movies because it’s a reason to be scared that makes sense.

The things you really need to be scared of don’t have any rules.

Georgia lives in fight or flight. Mostly flight.

Never look backwards, only forward.

It don’t do any good digging through mud. All you get is dirty. Best wash yourself clean and move on.

I know you think you want to know but, you don’t

the past needs to stay in the past.

My mom deals with her problems by ignoring them. Bundling them up in a neat little box and packing it away. Leaving the past in the past.

It’s my life too. And I want to open the neat little box.

Life won’t throe you parties. You gotta make your own.

That’s what Georgia does. She puts a big, glittering bow on everything and pretends like nothings wrong.

Welcome to adulthood. It sucks.

Georgia always pushes us to be strong, always sees vulnerability as a weakness, but now I get it. She was just protecting us. Protecting herself.

Trust noone. Sting first.

I love my mom but I don’t want to be her.

It’s dangerous to let your guard down.

This is the closest to normal you’ve ever been.

We both know you are in bed with me so you don’t go to dad.

Can he just be my dad this time instead of your ex?

Pain. It can be over-powering.

Growing up, I felt invalidated, voiceless, lost.

I don’t matter. I never did.

Of course I hurt myself. When you don’t have a voice, you have to scream somehow.

Everyone thinks love it so beautiful.

I don’t trust love. I don’t like what it does to people.

A vote for Cynthia is a vote for a Mayor who cares.

When they go low, we go lower.

Max is over scheduled so she is having a nervous breakdown.

That’s what happens when you become a couple, you completely disappear from your friends.

So that’s how you knew how to ride.

Thanks for the fence.

You and I both know you are in bed with me so you don’t go to dad.

Is Wellbury where you feel you most belong?

She did what she did so she can be the best mom that she can be.

She’s the kind of crazy you want fighting on your side.

Your mom sort of scares me.

MANG is dead.

Your problem is you’re incapable of anything real. You’re a joke!

I blame toxic masculinity.

What do you do when you like someone you shouldn’t?

Don’t blow up our lives for something temporary with dad. This effects me too.

He cooks. He looks like that and he cooks. Life is not fair.

It’s always gonna be you.

Ginny & Georgia Quotes

This is home to me. Can I come home?

I’m not the Florida Keys, I’m a person.

You can’t choose who you love. Your person is your person.

I see how hungry you are. I see how it gnaws at you and keep you up at night.

I want you to get everything that you want.

We live in a man’s world.

It is exhausting to exist in a world not designed for you, a world that doesn’t take you seriously, where you matter less.

I’ll do anything to protect my kids like no one ever protected me. Anything.

I just want you to know I’m here and I get it.

Oh no, is there MANG drama? That’s too bad.

These are vintage Ray-Ban’s. There are super rare.

A sign of hope that her life can always get better.

Brutal honesty.

Turns out Ginny isn’t the person we all thought she was. Turns out she’s got secrets.

I’m better than this. I was great to you. You didn’t deserve it.

You’re only ever going to hurt me.

You overstep until people suffocate.

I quit being a mom. The hours are long and the pay sucks.

You go through men faster than Taylor Swift.

It’s not like you to hurt people you care about.

You know who I am, Mom. I’m you, remember?

I’m taking control.

I hate that woman.

I think your mom is dangerous.

You are not your mother. Let me protect you.

I love you, peach.

Now her road ahead is all clear.

Knowing some things about a person, you can’t come back from that.

I have to keep running.