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45+ Heartwarming MINARI Movie Quotes

MINARI Movie Quotes

Minari movie is now available on PVOD and there has been much talked about this one being nominated for some awards this year. I will have a review for it coming soon, so be sure to stop back by to check it out, it will be linked down below. In the meantime, I am sharing some of the best and most heartwarming quotes from the film. I love me a good line and this one had some really touching one. Check out this list of 45+ heartwarming Minari movie quotes.

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Minari Parents Guide Movie Review

MINARI Movie Quotes

It just gets worse and worse.

This is the best dirt in America.

Daddy is going to make a big garden.

Male chicks doesn’t taste good. They can’t lay eggs.

Tell you’re mommy you really like it.

We said we wanted a new start. This is it.

Maybe there’s no chance for us.

I’m going to live here until the day i die.

Korean people use their heads.

Never pay for anything you can’t find for free.

The minute I saw you, I knew we was going to be friends.

You fight because of Grandma.

I’m sorry you have to see how our life is now.Life

Get that away from me in the name of Jesus.

In the future, never ever bring this again.

Grandma smells like Korea.

Why hasn’t anyone started a Korean church here?

Do you know what minari is?

MINARI Movie Quotes

The minari will grow here.

One kid had a weak heart like you. When he woke up he was healed.

Penis is broken.

It’s not called a penis, it’s called a ding dong.

Why is your face so flat?

But I don’t like Grandma.

You’re not a real Grandma.

It’s hillbilly so David lost all his manners.

Such a clever boy.

Working outdoors makes me feel alive.

Grandma? What does pee taste like?

The wind is blowing and minari is bowing.

Things that hide are more scary and dangerous.

We can’t afford more water. He used it all on the crops.

I’ll takes care of the family.

Getting hurt is all part of growing up.

Grandma won’t let you die.

Mom took Grandma to the hospital.

MINARI Movie Quotes

I guess it’s what a man does.

Grandma had a stroke. She needs rest.

It’s your fault Grandma. It’s all because of you. You shouldn’t have come to America.

Life was so difficult in Korea.

Instead of saving eachother, all we did was fight.

They need to see me succeed at something for once.

Even if I fail, I have to finish what I started.

You chose the farm over our family.

We can’t save eachother but money can?

I’ve lost my faith in you.

Grandma picked a good spot.