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75+ Badass Marvel’s BLACK WIDOW Movie Quotes

Black Widow Quotes

Marvel’s Black Widow movie is finally making its debut in theaters, along with Disney+ with Premiere Access on Friday, July 9th. I will have a review of the film coming soon, so be sure to stop back by to check it out, it will be linked down below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the movie. I love me a good line and this film had some great ones! Now we all know giving out Marvel spoilers is a huge no-no, so we didn’t attach names to the quotes but be careful as you scroll down, I wouldn’t want to disappoint anyone. Check out this list of 75+ of the best and most badass quotes from Marvel’s Black Widow movie quotes.

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Black Widow Parents Guide Movie Review

Black Widow Movie Quotes

Forgive me, Mom. I’m scared.

Don’t touch her. I will kill you all.

You are gonna take care of eachother, okay?

From my vantage point, it looks like you could use some bed rest.

I lived a lot of lives before I met you, Ross.

I hear things. Something about the Avengers getting divorced.

People that have friends don’t call me.

Atleast you know that I’m a better shot when I’m pissed off.

I don’t know if I can trust you.

So, are we gonna talk like grown-ups?

I came here because I thought you wouldn’t.

Why don’t you take it to one of your super-scientist friends?

What was I suppose to do? You are the only super-hero person I know.

You’re hurt. Let me help you.

I don’t want to do this. He’s making me.

You want me to chase him down and un-steal it?

It’s like fighting a mirror.

You didn’t say one word about Draco’s daughter. You killed her.

Draco’s daughter was collateral damage.

It’s not smart to attack an Avernger, if you want to stay hidden.

And the Avengers aren’t really your family.

It’s a fight pose, you are a total poser.

Black Widow Quotes

That time I spent posing, I was actually trying to do something good.

Pain and suffering is everyday and we are both still a killer.

I’m not the killer girls call hero.

You are fully conscience but you still don’t know which part is you. I’m still not entirely sure.

Did you ever wish for kids?

You are going to give me some big hero speech, I can feel it.

You’re a very annoying individual.

He’s never going to make it.

Such a poser.

This would be a cool way to die.

Why the agression? is it your time of the month?

You don’t have to get so clinical and nasty.

You are going to tell us how to get to the Red Room.

I could’ve been more famous than Captain America.

Can we throw him out the window now?

You can not kill a fox that sweet.

You should’ve brought the Avengers super jet.

I only ever loved you girls.

You both have killed so many people.

Are there any booby traps around here? Anything we need to know about?

Still fits.

Family back together again.

I wanted them to follow their dreams. Reach for the stars.

You named the pig after me?

We stole the key to unlocking free will.

You are an idiot and you are a coward. Our family was never real so there is nothing to hold on to.

The best part of my life was fake and none of you told me.

I came in here because I didn’t want to talk.

You’re not even the first mother that abandoned me.

You were just born in a cage but that is not your fault.

Tell me, how did you keep your heart?

What you taught me kept me alive.

To me you were everything.

Let’s not keep him waiting.

Now you know how Dracov stayed above the radar all these years.

She turned her back on her people, on her blood.

Don’t go breaking my new toy.

I need you to know I’m sorry.

My plan is to kill you.

Black Widow Quotes

Did you feel anything when I killed your daughter?

You want to make her feel better? You want to tell her you’re sorry? Well, you should’ve thought of that before you below her face off.

You just sent away the one thing that will stop me from killing you.

You didn’t fight in the shadows, you hid in the dark.

If I don’t tell you when to stop then how will you know when you shut up.

These world leaders, these great men, they answer to me and my widow.

I recycle the trash and I give them purpose. I give them a life.

My widows can start and end wars.

Using the only resource the world has too much of. Girls

You get to make your own choices now.

Is he gone?

It was real to me too.

Here comes the calvary.

If it can work out for the four of us, there must be some hope for the Avengers.

Don’t worry, I got this.

Do you ever not sleep?

See what I can get you with a bit of time and money?