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75+ Best Netflix’s YOUNG ROYALS Quotes

Young Royals Quotes

Netflix’s new series Young Royals, dropped on the streaming service today, July 1st. I will have a review of the series coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out, it will be linked down below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the series. I loveme a good line and this one had some intense ones! Check out this list of 75+ best Netflix’s Young Royals quotes.

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Netflix’s Young Royals Quotes

Your speech, where you ask for forgiveness.

Does anyone care what I want?

I want to live a normal life.

Being a Prince is not a punishment but a privilege.

Nobody is more disappointed in me than my family and especially myself.

The faster you adapt, the easier your life will be.

Mommy can you sit up straight? Lets try to have some table manners.

Let’s all make sure the prince feels extra welcome.

It’s alright when rich people cheat but when poor people do it, it’s messed up.

I’m not allowed to speak on political issues.

I know you are doing booze, everyone knows. And I need some for a party.

Count on your dad to save the day.

I’m afraid the prince missed this test but he can take it later.

I always understood horses better than people.

Thanks, for nothing.

You better be d*mn careful the company you keep. Especially if they use you to get some views.

Isn’t that the thing about the royal family, is that they never change?

What do you take me for? I just want my f*cking money.

You call this a scary movie?

It got so d*mn hot in there, I thought I’d get some fresh air. And my toes crapping up as well.

I think maybe we should forget about that.

Netflix's Young Royals Quotes

Looking forward to seeing the Queen again, it’s been awhile.

Never spend money you don’t have, okay?

You’ve met someone.

Why are you in your room sulking when you have a crush out there?

You can pay your tuition 100 times over.

We need to make him see that I’m serious.

So, you brought your gangsters with you?

I’ve seen the way you look at eachother.

It’s Erik. He was going too fast and lost control. He was in a car accident.

Ever since I was born, I knew that I would inherit the Crown from Dad. But I had time to prepare myself and so did Erik. But now you are going to succeed me.

And you will be compared to Erik in every step you take.

William needs his brothers now.

It feels wrong that I’m the one still here instead of him.

There’s no point of having a back up if you never use it.

I will honor his legacy, to be a Crown Prince my family would be proud of.

I need you to delete all of our texts.

We have arranged for your Highness to have a slightly bigger room.

You worthless drunk.

Since when did you start liking him for real?

I just want us to be friends again.

Erik was like a brother to me too and you know that.

Has anyone ever told you how pretty you are?

Please tell me you’re not using.

Welcome to the Society.

Do you remember what you said to me last night?

You have terrible morning breath.

Last night was really wild.

We stand united, right? Once a brother, always a brother.

I’m in a f*cked up situation and I’m trying to talk to you.

I’m not going to take the fall for the Royal Family just because the Prince f*cks up.

You can’t pay your tuition fees.

You’re the only one here I feel like I can actually talk to.

You do know you don’t have to hide. And if anyone gives you a hard time, just let me know and I’ll take care of it.

I shouldn’t have told everyone about you money problem.

I think he would tell you to just be yourself. You know, follow your heart.

What the hell are we gonna do?

They have asked me to deny that it was me in that video.

We haven’t done anything wrong.

I know that it was you that uploaded the video.

Netflix's Young Royals Quotes

Cause Wilhelm has everything and he just spits on it.

If she had done everything for us, she would have protected us from Dad.

You can’t just always give everybody a chance.

Atleast I don’t piss on my family. And I’m not trying to be someone I’m not.

Feels like I am gonna throw up.

Thank you for not letting me go through this alone.

You’re the Crown Prince. And this is a privilege and not a punishment.

When you are young, love feels like the most important thing in the whole world.

Is it worth it?

We have a chance to cover this up. I urge you to take it. You may not get another.

This doesn’t have to change anything between us. We are still us, it’s just that we can’t be seen together.

You have to figure out what you want and you can take all the time you need. And I respect that.

I don’t want to be anybody’s secret.

I know who did it.

I trusted you.

You’re no longer a part of my family.

I’m protecting you. And I’m protecting our family and the Royal Family. That’s the only thing that can give Erik’s death any kind of meaning.