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80+ Catchy AppleTV+ SCHMIGADOON! Quotes

Schmigadoon! Quotes

AppleTV+ Schmigadoon! is coming to the streaming service Friday, July 16th! I will have a review of the series coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out, it will be linked down below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the series. I love me a good line and this musical sure had some catchy ones. Check out this list of 80+ best and most catchy AppleTV+ Schmigadoon! quotes.

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Schmigadoon! Parents Guide Series Review

Schmigadoon! Quotes

I’ve been doing all my own kicking since 3rd grade.

You make me feel like I have a champion and a confident.

It’s our one year anniversary, I guess I was expecting something a bit more special.

We ask that you give that to your partner every day and ask what it really means, to give your heart to another person.

Remember to use this time as a way to grow your love for eachother.

Why does everything have to be perfect, why can’t it just be enough?

You sometimes hear church bells no one else does?

Why is music coming from everywhere?

We are not ticket holders.

People don’t just burst into song in real life.

What an unusual and exotic couple you two make.

Shoulders back, Howard, like you have a purpose.

It’s important to me that we can hate things together.

You have a feller?

Was that a Leprechaun?

This isn’t some tourist attraction, this is a musical. We are in an actual musical.

For now, can’t we just take it one moment at a time?

You are ready to give up on us because of what a Leprechaun said?

Just because something is hard doesn’t mean it’s unattainable.

You suck and I hate you and I hope you die.

Schmigadoon! Quotes

This is the place I come to when I want to be gay but I can’t.

Everyone in Schmigadoon deserves to find true love.

Go have fun with your teenage cliche.

You wish you had this hat.

This piece of meat has a brain and it is filled with thoughts and ideas.

All I’m thinking right now is how good your neck smells and how I would throw my mother in front of a bus for a moment to ride you.

I like women who can think for themselves but sometimes you need to do less thinking.

You better start propsing, son.

The line between daddys and daughters are pretty clear.

That’s what a feller does when he has found “The One.”

We’ve made some mistakes, some extremely hot mistakes.

Women were so under-written in early musicals.

We are against city folk like you contaminating our town with your Urban ways.

We’re in a musical, nobody get killed in a musical.

We found our way out of IKEA and we will find a way out of here.

The Mayor doesn’t want to run a fowl against the Mother’s Against The Future.

This was literally me in High School.

Maybe Josh is finally ready to commit to working on us?

True love bares all things, believes all things, endures all things and hopes all things.


I operate on knees, this is well above my paygrade.

I wouldn’t crossed that bridge with you for a million dollars.

Super handy. Hung all the pictures in my apartment in like an hour.

Cowards die many times before their death.

It means taking the easy way out never pays.

I have so many questions and no idea who to ask.

They’re not so bad, they’re just set in their ways is all.

Don’t know if you remember but we are broken up and I hate you.

That’s how musicals work. When you are too emotional to talk, you sing. When you are too emotional to sing, you dance.

I’m so torn between really not wanting to tell you and really showing off all I know.

First time I’ve ever had a baby come out completely dry.

You have no boundaries. No decency.

If your parents want to have sex, let them have sex.

Romance and musicals isn’t always logical.

That’s the sexiest thing any man has ever said to me.

You are not the man I thought you were.

It’s a doggy-doggy world.

Seems like forever since I’ve been this happy.

He’s in love with you. He’d hardly be a man if he weren’t.

What sweaty little hands you have.

Everyone in New York has a chance to reinvent themselves.

Can’t be easy to be both a sister and a parent.

Schmigadoon! Quotes

Powerful men can never resist the help.

You walked into my engagement and destroyed my future, that’s called being the bad guy.

Of course I’m a Nazi.

Maybe I am the bad guy.

Actually, no I don’t have to get back because there is nothing for me there.

Let’s put some poles in some holes.

We can’t just run away from the people we love cause they’re not perfect. We have to forgive them.

Relationships are not like playing the Kazoo, they take work but they are worth it.

You have one heart, is he the one you want to give it to?

I don’t know if he loves me, or if I love him and it just feels so lonely.

One can be convinced they are the smartest person in town and still miss the most important detail.

You’ve changed me, made me a better person.

Did I miss something? Was there a song?

I just want you to know that I’m in it for the long haul. That I choose to believe in us.

The mayor is finally being honest about who he is and I love him for it.

I’m tired of hiding just because you are ashamed of me.

I hope you all die and go straight to hell.

I know what it is like to fix everyone around you, that you think it is the only way to be happy, but it’s not.

That’s what is so great about change, tehre is always the hope that we can be something better than what we are.