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100+ Shocking AppleTV+ SEVERANCE Quotes

AppleTV+ Severance Quotes

AppleTV+ Severance will be dropping on the streaming service this coming Friday, February 18th. I will have a review of the series coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out. It will be linked down below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the show. Check out these 100+ of the best and most shocking AppleTV+ Severance quotes.

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Severance Parents Guide Review

AppleTV+ Severance Quotes

Hi there, you on the table. I wondered if you would mind taking a brief survey.

What the hell did you do to me?

Irv’s got claws today.

A handshake is available upon request.

Did you grow me as food, and that’s why I have no memory?

Can we just take a beat?

There is a life to be had here, Helly.

I just can’t watch you leave.

So, I’ll never leave her?

Every time you find yourself here, it’s because you chose to come back.

Mark’s work is sensitive enough to require the severance procedure.

I just don’t grasp the viceral element. What does it feel like?

I’m proud of you for taking that job. I really am.

I just think forgetting about her for eight hours a day isn’t the same thing as healing.

I think people really enjoyed you tonight, Mark.

Did the prowler invading my home make you feel seen?

Bypassing the implant wasn’t easy. I had help.

Nothing down there is what they say.

We used to wonder what kind of men we were on the outside.

I used to think it would take a monster to put someone in that office.

We aren’t monsters, Mark, not real ones.

Go along, and you’ll find the beginning of a very long answer.

You’re good people.

I love seeing the sunrise on his face.

They say it doesn’t hurt.

Don’t worry. I’m very excited to meet you.

You’re an inquisitive one.

My job is to scroll through the spreadsheet and look for the numbers that feel scary?

Am I trapped here?

Quitting would effectively come to end your life, as well as you already know it.

The office feels whole now. Let’s get this party started.

I think this is a good time to remind ourselves that things like death happen outside of here.

I think I’m just not going to work here anymore. Sorry. I quit.

Frankly, it sounds made up.

AppleTV+ Severance Quotes

Are you vetting me for your sister?

Severance is subdagation, a**h*le.

I’ll give you a mugwort bath bomb that will make you sleep like a rag doll.

I told you, you’ll understand when you see it, so just be patient.

I’ve been mapping out the floor. I hid the original for you when I left.

Reintegration sickness.

There’s this room. We go in there when we don’t act right.

All I can be is sorry, and that is all that I am.

Please try to enjoy each fact equally, and not show biased toward the others.

Your outie is skilled at kissing and love-making.

That was scary. The numbers were scary.

I figured my work self would be pissed if I let you sleep in a greenhouse.

It’s like having two different lives suddenly stitched together.

I don’t want to work with you. So don’t burst in here with your boss voice, trying to convince me I do.

What I just did was something I knew you could handle and grow from. It was very painful for me.

Come now children of my industry, and know the children of my blood.

It smells like 19th century a**.

I’m afraid you still don’t mean it.

It’s booty. It’s booty with your name on it.

I guess this is the part I should tell you to go to hell. But I guess you are already here.

If you want a hug, go to hell and find your mother.

No workplace should be repurposed for slumber.

For destiny, friend, should deliver all yonder.

A good person will follow the rules, a great person will follow himself.

I kind of think Lumon might be up to something.

Do you know how to make your eyes kind?

If you are upset, you can request a hug.

Well, that’s one less horrible thing. For eight minutes, anyway.

I’m not your new Petey.

You? The king of f*cks don’t trust us?

I know you don’t want to be here, but I’m glad you are. And I’m sorry, this is the best I can do right now.

The surest way to tame a prisoner is to let him believe he’s free.

I’m sorry. I’m just not ready.

Until you get that through your mildewed little brain and hit quota, MDR’s hallway privileges are here by revoked.

I know change can be disorienting, but MDR is here now.

There is a lot unknown to us as well, but we keep plugging along cause it’s important work.

Why are we down here still, working in the dark?

That was poetic as sh*t, man.

I trusted you, and you abused that trust.

You mean, if it isn’t as cool as we are.

I want to understand.

It’s gonna be okay. We’ll finish what Petey started.

Jack Frost certainly needs some new dandruff shampoo.

AppleTV+ Severance Quotes

Not knowing is probably the best.

The music dance experience is officially cancelled.

You all just gonna stand here and let him die?

I don’t know what’s gotten into you people today.

Let’s burn this place to the ground.

My wife was extraordinary. My wife was allergic to nutmeg. And when she sneezed, she always sneezed twice.

I know this has been a trying quarter, you have availed yourself well.

Even in your darkest moments, I could see you arriving here.

Lumon needed this.

I really liked being in the office with you all that day. I know I vexxed you. I know I’m strange.

Because we’re people, not parts of people.

You know it’s good, right? That they don’t remember each other.

Do you know if I’m happy up there?

All of you deserve this, for reaching quota.

I figured it out. The ghost lay the eggs.

You are easy to pretend to care about.

The mission is the priority.

Our job is to taste free air. Your so-called boss may be on the clock that taunts you from the wall, but my friends, the hour is yours.

Good luck out there, boss.

F*ck her g-d d*mn soul.

Work is just work, right?

The severance thing, I’m not sure I need it anymore.

Family is both my bedrock and my inspiration.

I know I sometimes make you feel less for having the procedure. You had to deal with Jenna’s passing the way that is best for you.

Helena, you look so nice. Like a film.

I just want to know why, why he put me in there.

She was wonderful. She made you wonderful.

Get to the security office and shut it off now.

I’m gonna kill your company.

She’s alive.