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90+ Hilarious Netflix SPACE FORCE Season 2 Quotes

Space Force Season 2 Quotes

Space Force Season 2 drops on the streaming service tomorrow, February 18th. I will have a review of the series coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out. It will be linked down below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the show. Check out these 90+ of the best and most hilarious Space Force Season 2 quotes.

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Space Force Season 2 Parents Guide Review

Space Force Season 2 Quotes

How will I be able to know about things?

That’s root beer without the complexity. That is a high-fructose people fattener.

I love her, but your mom is a felon.

Can we really trust a man with the feet of a child?

F*ck water. What has water ever done for me?

Gossip is the devil’s telephone.

This isn’t over, nerd.

Science can’t be nickled and dimed.

You can use a regular office chair for your testis, Brad. You’re not a Faberge egg.

My aunt pees in the dark to save on her light bill.

All these brainiacs, and nobody told me nobody uses emoticons anymore?

That my friend, in the biz, is what we call a spin.

What ever happened on the moon, stays on the moon.

And America ate it up like a meth-sprinkled, deep-fried Snickers bar you get at a state fair.

You got McNuggets, you spoiled brat.

I’ve seen a lot of press but this by far has to be the most attractive and intelligent press I’ve seen in my entire life.

You’re sucking up the air. That is American air!

We’re Americans, we’re use to very large portions.

Can we all stop whispering our questions? I know she’s a hero but it doesn’t mean she has super hearing like Daredevil or Spider-Man, okay?

We do not drop names until Kraft drops checks. That’s our motto.

You heard it here first. We’re all heroes. And this coming from a real American hero. And apparently, a drummer.

Space race is the new Cold War. The whole world is watching to see if we deserve to lead it.

I didn’t have eggs for breakfast. Probably a story there.

I’ll show the ant-brained dunce a great time.

Space Force Season 2 Quotes

Every Chinese person’s been to Vegas. It’s our Mecca.

I promise I won’t start an international incident, like you almost did.

Slow and steady wins the moon.

I might as well just burn a cross on his lawn.

My our friendship be as great as your wall.

I put my boots on the moon, and I’ll put my boot up your a** if you don’t shut up.

Can’t live with them but you can’t shoot them.

My wife was abducted by aliens on a business trip and forced to have sex with her boss.

This is all I have bandwidth for at the moment.

The “General Naird is speaking to a group” voice. You have this weird, almost manufactured tamber to your voice when you’re speaking to a group.

It’s about keeping him at optimal caffeination levels throughout the day. Not jittery, but definitely not lethargic.

We could bore them to death with a Powerpoint on how to defeat aliens.

You are a mess, Naird. An absolute mess.

A screw-around is how people who work at government agencies lose their jobs and how government agencies get folded into other government agencies.

Sometimes a team just needs a little screw-around.

I’m going to crush it!

I kept her on track for 16 years. She was top of her class. Then you moved us to Wild Horse. And the wheels fell off the bus.

The idea here is to not let anyone in, hiding from the outside world and leaving your opponents very confused.

Mad Buff gives you mad confidence.

He looks strong. He looks like a man.

Sorry you suck, Xyler.

Since you are so good at breaking hearts, why not breaking this, huh?

Dr. Chan, it’s a trap!

Robot on robot violence! They like to fight but why can’t they love?

This is better than going to the moon.

Someone like that will be a success in life, no matter what they do.

Then it’s not the partnership for us.

That means a lot papa bear. Too much. I pushed too much, sorry.

What is that? That’s a sound, right?

Leave the box alone, how about that?

I told you, I am done with the moon. No more moon sh*t.

Every parasite needs a wonderful, intelligent intestine just to live off them for a little bit.

It would be my honor to be Krillin to your Goku.

Makes you want to surrender to him and give him all your oil.

Okay, NARC. He didn’t ask what I had for lunch.

Please talk to me, Erin. I’m dying for some human conversation.

This is like a scientist Disneyland. Look at this place.

Jesus. Where did it even go?

Seeing real food would really lift my spirits.

What’s happening at Space Force? Oh right, nothing because they halfed your budget.

It’s not the size of the budget, it’s the motion of the allocations.

I never move a muscle during sex. The sexual motion is supposed to be the woman’s work.

I was voted hottest media consultant in 2018.

Space Force Season 2 Quotes

I eat stress for breakfast.

If you weren’t wound so tight, there wouldn’t be a boulder in your uterer.

Morphone is for babies.

I don’t feel like killing myself anymore.

Find time to hug a tree, dip a toe into a lake.

Up here, tears float. Like little globes. The same salinity as the sea. I miss you, Earth.

I should go catch that tear before it shorts out the life support, and I asphyxiate.

I can’t watch. It’s every guy’s worst nightmare.

You’re boring me on my birthday. The day your grandmother pushed me out, with a head this big then.

I’m just a one-baller, so that subject holds my interest.

You have to go out there and make your own legacy.

F*cking SpaceX. Go f*ck yourselves with a Tesla charger you useless twats. I hope your car drives itself off a bridge, and you get electrocuted, you b*tch borig punks.

I worked really hard to become a one star general to impress my dad, only to find out he wanted me to become a travel agent.

Give me a hit of that jive parsley.

They don’t know we know what we know, but we know that they don’t know we know what we know.

What do you do when a Russian bear’s batting you around? You play dead, right?

You’re not on the moon anymore. You are afe right here on earth. There’s plenty of air here. Well, I think.

As long as we stick together, we can do anything.

Please don’t tell anyone that I smoked jive parsley.

If I said any of those things, would it change your mind?

You did a very good job.

You are such a softy.

Screw NASA.