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35+ BEST The Glorias Movie Quotes

The Glorias Movie Quotes

New movie out available to stream at home called The Glorias, looks at the life and some of the defining moments in the life of the writer and activist Gloria Steinem.  I have a review coming soon, which will be linked down below, but in the meantime, you should enjoy these movie quotes. You know I enjoy jotting down some of my favorites, but with this movie it was even more inspiring because there were some amazing lines for the empowerment of women!  So, check out this collection of 35+ inspiring and powerful The Glorias movie quotes!

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The Glorias Movie Quotes

We love your work Ms. Steinem, you’ve changed our lives.

You know what they say, if you don’t know what is happening tomorrow it could be wonderful.

Travel is the best education. It’s the only education, really.

I love New York.

I know you want to be a journalist like your mother. But if you can’t find work for those fingers, you can always for your legs.

Us Steinem like to move.

The Glorias Movie Quotes

Would you mind mailing these letters and then, you can meet me at the Hilton. Suite 910.

Sometimes you’re hungry for one thing and not another.

Gloria, how about next time go undercover in the porno business.

I’m a writer. If I publish that book I’ll be a bunny forever.

Those glasses are too big, they hide your beautiful face.

All that seems to matter to people, is that I was a bunny.

This is important journalism.

I never had the courage to say, ‘but you would’ve been born instead’.

His death was caused by ulcers. Not from the crash but from despair.

Why do I always end up giving my suggestions to the man on the left, so he can take them to the man in charge?

You white women. If you don’t stand up for yourselves, how are you going to stand up for anyone else?

Do you know every year there is a pretty girl who comes to New York and pretends to be a writer before they get married? Gloria is this years pretty girl.

The Glorias Movie Quotes

You are a good writer, Gloria. In fact, you write like a man.

I can’t have this baby. I’m not married, I’m not ready.

You will do what you want to do with your life.

I just realized something. I am one of those crazy women.

This is the year of women’s liberation.

I hope you can forgive our masculine notion that you are a beautifully stunning sex object.

When my Professor explains the reasonable man tests, he jokes that there is no such thing as a reasonable woman.

I thought I would talk about why Harvard Law School needs women, more than women need it.

As women, we have been studying our own absense for far too long.

The Glorias Movie Quotes

“Ms.” is an optional female title without marital designation.

I refuse to fuel that women don’t get along.

If you avoid conflict my darling, conflict will seek you out.

Change comes from within.

This is no simple reform, it really is a revolution.

No one in their right mind is pro-abortion. No one gets up in the morning and says, I’m going to have a procedure today. It is the method to the last resort.

It’s an inherited title, it means protector of the village. It use to mean white man killer.

Gloria Steinem should rot in hell.

I’ve had it with your racist bullsh*t. The reason this country is great is that all of these people, black, white, brown, all of these beautiful people are on the streets of New York, together. And if you don’t like living in New York, then you can just f*&^ing move to Norway.

I will see you on the other side of the mountain.

On election night, I was sitting with a group of female ambassadors to the U.N., women from different continents, who were watching the results in New York. I could see from the faces around me that her defeat was devastating — not just in this country but worldwide. Yet I know that in the future, Hillary’s defeat will be part of our victories because the path up is always a jagged line, not a straight one. Our victory is not a one-person marathon but a relay race. When the first of many diverse women wins this highest of all democratic offices, she will be climbing steps that were carved out by a woman before her.

Remember the Constitution does not begin with ‘I The President’ it begins with ‘We The People’.