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60+ Touching RAYA AND THE LAST DRAGON Quotes

Raya And The Last Dragon Quotes

Disney’s Raya And The Last Dragon is coming to theaters and Disney+ with premiere access on March 5th. I will have a movie review coming soon, so make sure to stop back by, it will be linked down below. In the meantime, I wanted to share some of the best quotes from the film. I love me a good line and this one had some really touching and heartfelt one. Check out this list of 60+ touching Raya And The Last Dragon quotes.

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Raya And The Last Dragon Quotes

I know what you’re thinking, a lone rider, a dystopian world, a land that has gone to waste.

This is what we use to be when our land was whole.

It was paradise.

Everyone that was turned to stone came back, except the dragons.

All that was left to Sisu was her gem.

We all became enemies and the gem had to be hidden.

TukTuk come on. Focus.

Raya And The Last Dragon Quotes

Like I said, not one foot on the inner circle. You lost Raya.

You passed the test.

Don’t mistake spirit for skill, young one.

For generations our family has sworn to protect the gem, today you will join that legacy.

You are now guardian of the dragon gem.

They are only our enemies because they think the dragon gem magic brings us prosperity.

We were once unified, harmonious as one.

If we don’t stop and learn to trust eachother again, it is only a matter of time before we tear eachother apart.

Don’t worry, I’m gonna open with a joke.

Today we can be Kumandra once more.

Fang might look nice on the outside but we have some pretty big holes on the inside.

Fang legend says, she’s still out there.

From one dragon nerd to another.

In a different world, maybe we could have been friends. But I have to do what is right for Fang.

We have a choice, we can tear eachother part or we can come together and build a better world.

There’s still light in this, there’s still hope.

Raya, don’t give up on them.

There is not a lot of us left.

I trusted someone I shouldn’t have and now the world’s broken.

What is this delightful culinary treat?

A gift says, you can trust me, can I trust you?

This beetles got a booty.

My friend’s a really strong swimmer.

My father blindly trusted people and now he’s stone.

A plague born of human discord.

Raya And The Last Dragon Quotes

Instead of bringing water and life to the world, they are like a relentless fire.

They took my family.

They took mine too.

What Danhi lacks in style, he makes up for in mean.

Really? A con baby?

Using your baby charm to rip people off, it’s super sketchy.

Watch out she doesn’t steal your teeth.

This isn’t an emotional decision. It’s the only decision we can make to secure Fang’s future.

Being people is hard.

Maybe the world is broken because you don’t trust anyone.

People don’t deserve them.

I think it was the lying that makes you look like a liar.

I was born and bred to do only one thing. To evoke fear and to crush the skulls of my enemies.

Note to self, don’t die.

My girl Raya and I are going to fix the world. Bring everyone back.

Hey, ant to help us save the world because all it takes is one gem piece.

I have a feeling she wants to fix the world as much as we do.

All I know is I trusted them and they trusted me.


Sometimes you just have to take the first step, even before you are ready. Trust me.

You just want a better world, like we all do.

Raya’s blinded by her own rage.

I don’t care if you don’t believe me but Sisu did.

The gem’s magic is almost gone.

I don’t know why they chose me, it could’ve been any of us. All I know is that I trusted them and they trusted me.

It’s not about her magic, it’s about trust.

We have to come together.

Then let me take the first step.

Your daughter did you proud.