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60+ Terrifying TEEN WOLF: THE MOVIE Quotes

Teen Wolf: The Movie Quotes

Paramount+’s Teen Wolf: The Movie dropped on the streaming service this past weekend, on January 27th. I will have a review coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out. It will be linked below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of my favorite quotes from the film. Check out these 60+ of the best and most terrifying Teen Wolf: The Movie quotes.

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Teen Wolf: The Movie Quotes

When is a door not a door? When it’s ajar.

I’ve been searching for this for years. I know precisely what I’m doing.

We call him “The Alpha.”

That’s one of the best parts about dogs, they fight for us.

I’m not paying for those.

Just like a muscle, you stop using it and it astrophies.

I can’t get drunk, you know that.

You want to talk about that bullet, or do you want to keep asking me children’s riddles?

Chaos! Strife! Pain!

Maybe we should cut her open and see if she’s normal inside.

You are kitsune, but you don’t know it.

I don’t want your life, little fox. But I do want your tail.

What’s another word for the metal silver, and also the name of the legendary family who hunts werewolves? Argent.

Time to hunt.

The betas make the alphas stronger.

In the game of Go, we call it the divine move.

The first step to transforming is healing.

He knows what to do.

A serial arsonist would watch the fire burn, not have it snuffed out minutes after ignition.

I knew I should’ve retired.

Teen Wolf: The Movie Quotes

You know how some people pass out when they see a needle? Eli passes out when he sees his own fangs.

Do I need to remind you people that he slit my throat once, and it nearly killed me?

Everytime someone says it’s impossible, somehow the impossible happens.

Who are you going out there to help, her or him, predator or prey?

I saw an exact replica, meant to trick us into lowering our guard.

I can’t heal; I can’t transform; I can’t do anything.

Don’t underestimate anger.

Remember who you are.

You killed half my family.

Okay, you killed me. Now can we talk?

We hunt those who hunt us.

We protect those who cannot protect themselves.

If we don’t die tonight, we can talk about the look.

Don’t get lost in useless wander quanderies.

We’re here for our pain.

I don’t think we’re following a trail; we’re being led to a trap.

Supposed to be dead is starting to become a recurring theme around here.

You’ve got to burn it out.

It’s him. It’s really him.

I haven’t felt this level of disappointment since I lost my virginity.

If you’re gonna wear my number, you better score.

That look of fear in his eyes when he saw me—I can’t get it out of my head.

Banshees don’t scream; they wail.

We’re in his world.

Teen Wolf: The Movie Quotes

She’ll hear you.

I remember everything.

We’re not done yet. The game is mine.

All the lives here belong to me.

Don’t make me watch my friends and my family die.

Game is mine! Kill him!

Something tells me this isn’t over.

The wolves howl to the signal of their position. To the rest of the pack.

What is the sound of a wolf who is ready to die?

Do you remember, Scott, the gift that you gave me? The bite of the alpha, the power of the werewolf.

You’re the alpha. He’s part of your pack now.

Light this f*cker up.

You don’t just get the family you were born with. You get the family that you find.

I have never seen someone take the kind of punishment Darrel Hale took and kept on taking to protect the people he loved. He kept going. He kept standing back up. Until the day he couldn’t.

All you gotta do is keep it running. Keep it going.

I’m not worried about the past because now I have a future.

Remember who you are.