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AppleTV+ Billie Eilish The World’s A Little Blurry Quotes: Parents Guide

Billie Eilish The World's A Little Blurry Quotes

AppleTV+’s new Billie Eilish‘s documentary The World’s A Little Blurry dropped today on the streaming service. I have a parents guide section down below, if you want to check it out to make sure it is appropriate for kids to watch. And I always wanted to share some of the best quotes from the documantary. I love me a good line and this had some really great ones. Check out this list of Billie Eilish The World’s A Little Blurry quotes.

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The World’s A Little Blurry Parents Guide

The biggest flags for parents in this Billie Eilish documentary is the harsh language. The S-word, the F-word and other words including “d*mn” are said often throughout The World’s A Little Blurry documentary.

Billie Eilish The World’s A Little Blurry Quotes

Every single person there is going through something good or bad, or horrible or amazing, you know?

The least I can do is make art that I make because I have the same problems.

They’re not my fans. They’re like, part of me.

My family’s the reason I am the way I am.

My mom taught me how to write songs. My dad taught me how to play the piano and the ukulele.

Our family was just like one big f*&^ing song and I still make music in my brother’s bedroom.

You’re a f*&^ing trooper.

I’ve taken my teeth out, lets make an album.

That’s about a vagina.

I’m just drowning in losers.

I sound horrible and I can’t sound good because I’m horrible.

I’m just trying to write the best song we’ve ever written and the most accessible right now.

The more popular something is, the more hate it’s gonna get.

Billie Eilish The World's A Little Blurry Quotes

Accessible means a song that doesn’t alienate anyone for any reason.

I’ve never been to school.

I remember sobbing into a pillow cause I was like, I’m never going to love anyone like that.

Are you actually not going to let her be authentic to who she is now, in case she grows up and does drugs?

You’ve got a whole army of people trying to help you, not do something to destroy your life.

Are we really not going to release something for fear that later, she might do that?

Everything I’ve ever loved, I had to quit.

Why do we have to cope? Why can’t we just let it happen?

I feel the dark thing, I feel them very strongly. So, why would I not talk about them?

There are things you can feel and not describe.

It’s like how we all are drawn to dangerous situations because they’re intriguing and we don’t know what’s on the other side, and music is that.

I hate pink, never use pink ever.

I don’t like pressure. I don’t feel pressure most of the time.

If you ever want to talk, cause it’s a wild ride.

I wish you could feel what we felt.

I know his face. I know everything about him.

And he looked at me with his eyes.

Youknow exactly how it feels to be him in that situation.

It’s moments like tonight that I am reminded what I mean to people.

I’m so impressed by your aura and presence.

Enjoy every minute of what you are experiencing.

I’m a person who wants to make things better for other people and do the right thing no matter what it is doing to me.

The right thing should be what’s right for you.

Billie Eilish The World's A Little Blurry Quotes

Her childhood went somewhere awhile ago.

You’re off to see what your life turns into.

Leaving the people that need me is so hard to do.

This tour has been the first tour that’s actually been fun.

It’s a really hard time for teenagers, I think.

Kids are depressed. It’s a scary time.

I can’t fix him. I’ve tried.

I can’t have one moment when I’m like, I don’t want to do this?

I’d rather not do a good show then do a crappy version for you. I just want to give you a good show and I can’t.

We’re trying to heal your body.

We have millions of dollars but that does not make us millionaires.

I just talked about what I was feeling.

To be honest with you, I didn’t think I would make it to this age.

I had razors hidden and places and I always had Band-Aids hidden in the corner of my room. And I always had Band-Aids on my wrists.

I am pretty… somewhat.

I am famous…. as f*&^.