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100+ of The Best THE WILDS Quotes Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime The Wilds Quotes

Amazon Prime Video The Wilds season 1 drops today, December 11th! The series is geared toward the young adult crowd but I can tell you, the adults will love it too. You can check out my review of the series, it is linked below!  I also compiled a huge list of the best quotes! I love me a good line and with this series, I actually compiled a list of over 100! Check out this list of 100+ of the best Amazon Prime Video The Wilds quotes!

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The Wilds Parents Guide Review

Amazon Prime Video THE WILDS Quotes

So, you don’t know what I’ve been throught, do ya? You’re just assuming trauma. You’re just assuming hell.

What is so f*&^ing great about the lives we left behind? 

I remember the ridiculous expections they had of us.

So if we’re talking about what happened out there? Then yeah there was trama. But being a teenage girl in normalized America, that was the real living hell.

I’m a virgin that still drinks dairy milk.

After the plane went down, we all just blank in our memories.

Sometimes you collide with a person, and you get that feeling that they may become important to you, maybe it’s from a look or act of kindness. Or maybe you just like the way your world feels when they’re in it.

Every girl has a vision of how she wants to lose it. Some dream about prom night, maybe a bed covered in rose petals.

Of course it would be hers that show up!

When you pray, God opens your senses.

She’s dead.

This is my rock bottom.

I had no idea you were such a bad b*tch.

Amazon Prime The Wilds Quotes

What would I have said? That I was too strung out on the sound of his voice than to send out an SOS?

You are going to hear a lot of sh*t, about how I was acting, who I was trying to be and how I was with her. But that sister thing, that twin thing, it’s like a foreign country. You can only really understand if you’re in it.

It wasn’t just a bad dream. We were truly and actually f*&^ed.

Hustle and hard work, that’s how you make your dreams come true.

You smell like chlorine and excellence.

It can’t be easy, watching someone drift away, especially if they are drifting into darkness.

I’m not sick though, I’m just an athlete that knows what it f*&^ing takes.

What is swag? Why would it be in a bag?

God does not do ugly.

Is there nothing waiting for you? Do you know have a world that wants you back?

We aren’t just putting her death behind us. We are moving forward so her death meant something.

Every scar is a weapon.

It was protection, she was throwing herself in front of the world for me.

You know what I feel? It’s her hand, holding mine, forever.

I use to think thunderstorms were like, majestic.

Not interested in laying down roots.

Being alone means being invisible, which has its advantages.

I care that you have to do this for me.

I seen it happen before, when someone lives so long for someone else, they forget how to live for themselves.

You think you know what you got buried down there, under the surface, but you don’t always.

They reached milestone 8 two weeks before my projection.

It’s the end of the tour, Dot.

Nothing in this world is free.

A bat took an actual sh*t in my actualy mouth.

I want to be changed by something.

I’d rather be changed by something good, like love.

You’ll never spot a rainbow if you’re looking down.

Fighting for what is already ours is like a way of life where I’m from.

Warriors verses visors. Texan verses Texan. Twin verses twin.

Amazon Prime The Wilds Quotes

Sisters, some people are born with them, I guess. But I chose mine.

Sometimes alone is safer. When you are by yourself you can only hurt yourself. I call that safer.

We still do the sad stupid thing, letting people in.

Control. Adults love to throw that word around.

Hell is the place the Lord sends us to try to teach us something.

Why can’t you just ever walk away? Or run even and not make your sh*T everyone elses problem.

The Leah you will be reunited with at the end of the summer will be much herself but also a whole new woman.

I’m sorry you don’t appreciate your gift, one day you will.

Relax and let us help you. Just breathe.

We decided some time away will reset your goals and give you some clarity.

Hopefully you will learn some respect for someone other than yourself.

Your a danger to this family and having you in this home isn’t safe for us.

Maybe it was the passing of time, but at some point we just sort of clicked.

Sometimes I feel like I’m 100 years old.

What I’m noticing Leah, is that reasonable explanations just don’t interest you.

Pride. It’s a dangrous thing having too much.

For months now, she’s been a ghost.

I don’t matter.

It’s an art the way you have created a space for these women to talk.

It feels like whereever I go, someone’s asking me to meet some expectation.

Janet might have been the lucky one, the one that went out quick.

Honestly, the plane can take a nose-dive into the ocean and I wouldn’t give a flying f*&^.

That is what we are after here, radical game change.

We are really going to die here.

Jesus lifted that boulder for you, lift those buns off those seats.

These aren’t candy, they are edibles.

Oh Martha, you are going to be trippin’ mother f(*&^%* balls.

God in your wisdom, give us faith to be what you intended.

Amazon Prime The Wilds Quotes

God made you this way and God only does beautiful.

You’ve been so good keeping your promise to God. I just didn’t want you to judge me.

You have a whole life out there, you just don’t know what it looks like yet.

Money really does buy everything.

We have a knack for truly failing each other.

Isn’t that what we’re all afraid of? That we won’t be loved? That we’ll be all alone?

I’m a researcher, not a murderer.

It’s not voyeurism if it’s research.

No one seems afraid anymore. Not because we are strong or brave. Because when you’re this starving, you can’t feel anything else.

What kind of person sees an island full of lost girls and doesn’t send help?

I want to see the world how she does. I think we all do.

Whenever you dance, you are going to remember our time together.

For her, the threats come from within.

You are going dark on me again.

I don’t want you to forget you.

She was drowning. Sinking under the terrible weight of it all.

You can’t keep living in this fairy-dust world where bad sh*t never happens – you know, everything’s gonna turn out in the end.

I want my mom.

This feels very nice and at the same time I want to run away as fast as I can.

I think the first time is suppose to be disappointing.

It’s like if you squint your eyes and you forget 95% of our reality, it’s almost like you can convince yourself everything’s normal.

Isn’t he a little weird?

Even if summer session is over, maybe you and I don’t have to be?

I’m sorry, that should have been the first words I used.

We can create change, if we have the f*&^ing guts.

Are my fellow young women thriving? Thriving in this culture created by men?

Aren’t we all suffering, pushing ourselves to perfection, taking on too much, losing ourselves to things that cannot be and then breaking at the seasm?

Imagine spending a few months in an environment where societal pressures are eliminated, replaced only by the simple responsiblities of breathing, surviving, and becoming more truly yourself. And at the same time, creating a world that men don’t control. A world of our very own.

All I want is a nice, boring conversation.

I’m just tired of feeling lost.

You’ve had a smooth lifetime of keeping one crazy person in check.

I don’t want to be afraid to love or to love who I want freely, fully, without reservation.

I want to find my people, whoever they are. I want to find my strength. I want to make a life where we are not always doing and trying and fighting.