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40+ High Anxiety GREENLAND Movie Quotes

Greenland Movie Quotes

Greenland movie is coming to PVOD this Friday, Decemeber 17th. Talk about a nonstop, high anxiety film! I have a review coming soon, so be sure to stop back by and check it out, it will be linked down below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of quotes from the film. You know I love me a good line and this one had some great ones! Check out my 40+ list of high anxiety Greenland movie quotes.

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Greenland Parents Guide Movie Review

Greenland Movie Quotes

How long is this going to be akward for?

Your mom and I, we got some things to work out.

I’m always gonna be your father, I’m never going to leave you.

You want to build skyscrapers like me?

Clark is going to hit?

Rocks don’t explode.

We are just rushing cause we really don’t want to miss that plane.

But the sky’s on fire.

I’m begging you.

I don’t get why we were selected.

This fragment is scheduled to impact Earth within 48 hours.

We were selected.

Where’s his medicine? I put it in here, it’s gone.

My family wasn’t selected.

Are you sure they are all going to the same place?

So is my sister’s kid and they turned us away. They said no medicines.

Greenland Movie Quotes

If we don’t find daddy, we will go to grandpa’s house.

There is no chain of command, there is no one in charge.

I just started running. I turn around, and there was an old woman who’d been in a wheelchair. They just killed her.

They just picked all the rich fat cats.

They select people based on their professions. My mom was selected because she is a doctor.

My boy Manny who is driving, he knows some pilots in Canada, that is where we are headed.

They have been tracking military flights in Greenland.

It’s crazy out here.

Maybe if he had some different family with him.

I don’t want to hurt you. I will take care of your son, I promise.

It won’t do you any good, it’s got my name on it.

I gave us a chance, I gave that boy a chance.

You show them your bracelet and don’t say a word. You hear me? Don’t say a word.

They’re not my parents. They took me from my mom.

I lost my husband, we gotta find him.

I wish I could give you more but it’s all we have.

Greenland Movie Quotes

Got that stupid government message.

You would think technology would work in emergencies.

Hey, what happened to you?

It’s been a long day. I just want them back.

I’m sorry, I tried. I tried.

Thanks for looking after your mom, Bud.

They are in Greenland. He was right.

Their are pilots up in Canada and they are taking them. They are not military.

We can either stay ehre or we can give it a shot.