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To All The Boys Always And Forever Movie Quotes

Netflix’s new film To All The Boys: Always And Forever, which is the third movie in the franchise and also based off the popular book, is available to stream tomorrow February 12th. I will have a movie review coming soon, so make sure to stop bck by and check it ut, it will be linked down below!  In the meantime, I wanted to share some of my favorite quotes from the movie. I love me a good line and this one had some super sweet ones. Check out this list of 70+ sweet To All The Boys: Always And Forever quotes.

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To All The Boys: Always And Forever Parents Guide Review

To All The Boys Always And Forever Quotes

Everything my mom told me is true.

Although my dad might be having the best trip than any of us.

But the best part is spending time with my sisters.

I love you, Peter. Always and forever.

Sometimes I read books without pictures, Covey.

Aren’t you supposed to make out after the movie’s started?

They see me and they see I don’t understand and it’s like I don’t belong.

I said memorable not cheesy.

You don’t remember when we met?

She wrote a wish on one of these locks but she never told me what it said.

For the rest of my life.

Katherine Covey has discovered boys, god help them.

Kitty met a boy.

I mastered the French.

You know what I’m looking forward to the most about college? Never having to say goodnight.

Maybe love is actually about the moments you think no one is watching?

Everything is totally and completely… ruined.

You know, she’s still the actual worst.

I’m not like you Margo, I don’t want to be far away from my family.

Please don’t use this low moment in my life to campaign for NYU.

I’m celebrating your first night as a cardinal.

The best part is that we both got in and we’ll be going together.

Our first public appearance as a fake couple.

I knew right then I was falling in love with you.

Tragic romance before 8AM, it must be pretty serious.

I’m pretty sure you can’t call in sick from a relationship.

I’m not proud of myself if that makes a difference.

Girl, I will cut you.

You can atleasy pretend to miss me, it’s only decent.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much are you going to miss me?

We burn low and slow. We are like a brisket.

We’re not going to college together Peter, I got rejected.

I can’t believe you aren’t getting into Stanford, you are like way smarter than me.

So we are like the Romeo and Juliet of college.

Oh there is a future for people who peak in high school?

You better sleep with 1 eye open Lucas.

Seriously, this is the moment you decide to get rebellious?

I had someone I wanted to go to college with too.

I just felt like this was where I was suppose to be.

How was the world’s best cookie?

Mom is all over that house and now it feels like she’s being erased.

To All The Boys Always And Forever Movie Quotes

I thought I was going to hate it or I thought I was going to be overwhelmed but I can totally see myself living there.

Am I hallucinating. Are they getting along? 

College is about more than just geography.

And you think having Peter Kavinsky making soap is normal?

What is the perfect date for my perfect boyfriend? Dude, lets go bowling.

You are my dad, you should know my girlfriends name.

It’s different MJ, your mom didnt leave you.

I think about my dad and I hate him and I miss him. And I hate that I miss him.

There is nothing worse than not feeling chosen.

I choose you, Peter Kavinsky.

I love your forehead kisses.

It is okay to have differences in relationships, if you agree on everything you will not grow.

You are not allowed to be mad at me cause I am heart broken and sad.

3000 miles seems like maybe too much space.

You gotta stay true to yourself. You can’t save this relationship by not growing.

I’m scared I’m going to regret it if I don’t go.

I think I might really love it there, Peter.

You gotta do what’s best for you.

If anyone can do long distance, it’s you and him.

So you are saying you are going to need help remembering me?

Stop trying to control everything cause you know you and Peter are going to break up.

What? You know I’m right.

To be clear, I don’t plan on enjoying myself.

I knew when I decide on NYU that the distance would be hard but I didn’t expect to feel it so fast.

I couldn’t find the words to tell you what I wanted in your yearbook, so I thought I would show you another way.

Why now? On prom night?

We haven’t even left yet and I already miss him.

You want to have sex with me because you are feeling insecure?

You chose distance.

Everyone eats their feelings.

You made the right decision Laura Jean.

I think we both know what 3000 miles is gonna do to us.

To All The Boys Always And Forever Movie Quotes

I want to be with you, that’s all I ever wanted.

Laura Jean not here, please leave a message.

Not enough, apparently.

I didn’t forget to tell you about NYU, I chose not to.

I was just scared you were gonna go.

I’m going to miss you a 12 Laura Jean.

It’s our house now and I haven’t seen my dad this happy in a really long time.

It’s crazy that I can feel so sad and so happy all at the same time.

I can’t do the thing where you act like you want to be my dad.

My love story is ending but my dad and Trina is just beginning.

I did everything without you and I still don’t need you.

I wasn’t leaving you.

If you love somebody that’s what you do, try to do everything you can.

I’m gonna miss this when I go. My sisters, Dad, Trina, Chris. I’m a person who saves things, I’ll hold on forever.

Dear Lara Jean, you told me to write something memborable so here it is.

I didn’t know hearts could do that.

I got scared and i hurt you. And I am so, so sorry.

I never want to be the guy holding you back, I want to be the one by your side.

I will love you Lara Jean. Always and forever.

Of course we have a meet cue that’s how you know we’re going to end up together.

My whole life I wanted the kind of love you see in the movies.

Life is beautiful and messy and never goes according to plan.

I do know that love, real love, is choosing eachother through all of it, every single day.

We’re not like those other couples. We are Lara Jean and Peter.

You know what else 3000 miles is good for? Writing love letters.