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The Map Of Tiny Perfect Things Movie Quotes

Amazon Studios The Map Of Tiny Perfect Things movie is coming to the streaming service on Friday, February 12th! I will have a review coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out, it will be linked down below. In the meantime I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the film. I love me a good line and really enjoyed many of them from this story. Check out this list of 55+ of the best The Map Of Tiny Perfect Things movie quotes.

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The Map Of Tiny Perfect Things Parents Guide Movie Review

The Map Of Tiny Perfect Things Movie Quotes

You know that’s not real food, right?

You are such a loser.

Thank you for your time.

If you go to bed and wake up and your day is the same all over again, on repeat. What would you do?

You could be a force for good.

If there is infinite do-vers, then sooner or later it has to happen.

You would be like the king of everything.

You would be like the last man on earth.

I’m completely in love with the girl at the pool.

I’m looking for a girl.

Are you experiencing any kind of temporal anomaly in your life?

I’ve been teaching myself how to drive. It doesn’t matter if I crash, ya know?

It’s great knowing what is going to come next but it is also weird. You know?

Like everyone else is dreaming and you are the only one awake?

I just figured since we are stuck in the same day for pretty much forever.

Why do you think these things keep happening?

I guess the practical application is limited.

You must have done at least one cool thing?

You never know how sh*&&y your friends taste in music is until you steal her car.

With all this time I was just trying to fix something.

It might be time to give up on the dog.

The Map Of Tiny Perfect Things Movie Quotes

What if the 4th dimension is toying with us?

Most of life is just junk, its just filler. And then there are these moments when all the randomness turns into something perfect.

Life is dropping all the bullsh*&.

I think maybe we are suppose to become like better people.

All those tiny perfect things are just poof, gone, lost forever.

What if we found them all? All the tiny perfect things, in those one town.

I don’t want to cease the day, I just don’t want the day to cease me.

I’m just trying to get through this.

I just want it to mean something.

It’s just us, cause everyone else is asleep.

Technically, we are just the shadows of 4th dimensional people.

I guess this is all that there is.

If the 4th dimension wants to stop hiding like a little b*&^h and find me.

Or we could just walk around looking for cool stuff?

I took your thing.

The Map Of Tiny Perfect Things Movie Quotes

I don’t want this day to end, I just want time to stay broken forever.

I feel like we have a connection.

I feel a little bait and switched here.

You only live once.

I just had some time to kill.

We’re stuck here together, so I just think we need to be careful so we don’t mess it up.

I think we should just be friends and have fun with it.

That’s all I got, so take it or leave it.

You should think about other people more.

Here’s the thing Dad, I don’t have a future.

I am woke. Don’t do that ‘okay boomer’ thing to me.

I just feel like screaming at everyone, this isn’t real you are asleep.

We are free.

This isn’t working.

It’s the same stupid cr*p, over and over again.

If this works, we’d technically be saving the entire world.

I thought it was a love story and I was the hero but it wasn’t about me. It wasn’t my story at all. It’s Margaret’s.

It’s never too late. I mean that is unless you are dying of cancer.

I was so lost before but I think it all makes sense now.

I thought we’d have so much more time.

I promise that it’s worth it.

You were right about the map though, there is a pattern.

I’m not ready to not have a mom, I just wanted time to stop.

I think this is the moment, right now and I don’t want to miss it.