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100+ Shocking TINY PRETTY THINGS Quotes

Tiny Pretty Things Quotes

Netflix has a new series Tiny Pretty Things which dropped this week. While I have a review of the series coming soon, which will be linked down below, so be sure to come back by and check it out. In the meantime I wanted to share this huge list of the most shocking quotes from the series. I love me a good line and this one had some great ones! Check out this list of 100+ shocking Netflix Tiny Pretty Things quotes.

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Tiny Pretty Things Quotes

The power to fly. That’s what you dream of. There’s no better feeling.

The truth is, you only fly for a second or two Before gravity takes back what you tried to steal.

Of course for any dances, the higher you fly the more bone-shattering the landing that inevitably arrives.

You have to be quick on your feet to adapt and deal with the unexpected.

First, you never lose your smile. And second, you make damn sure you distract them with something else to look at.

Show me your arches.

Have fun scavenging with your new petit rat.

A little rat’s a dancer who’s young, pretty, poor, and hella strong.

Touch an audience the same way that you would touch me.

There is strength in being part of a larger body. The corps to ballet.

I’m worth a lot more than a fat check.

Your bony shoulders are turning heads. You’re not eating enough.

You kick high and smile, she’ll loveyou.

For a star dancer, your muscle control sucks.

If you ever want proof that dancers like you have been around forever say the word. I’ll show you some.

I don’t know a nutcracker from a night stick.

Call it a dance hack.

I think it was your parents money that got you in.

We’ll create a ballet of passion and darkness on the edge of desire. We tell the story of Jack The Ripper.

In the corp your job is to fit in. To be an invisible part of a larger body while others claim the spotlight.

In French, corp means body. Or what you might call a corpse.

You push these dancers bodies to the limit. Why coddle their psyche?

You need to think like a puppet.

You break yourself trying to bend yourself.

After all the coaches I’ve paid for, the doors I’ve opened, your failure does not make my job easier.

I just need a mom right now.

To honor my father tonight, I had to defend his enemy.

You can’t stand out until you fit in.

To make yourself into malleable clay demands everything.

You hold it in, that pain. You hold it.

Like any decent artist, I’m a beast when I’m hungry.

There is no better way to toture your enemies than with your own perfection.

The ones who truly beleive in you, they’re not throwing you into the spotlight and making you flavor of the month. They’re in the background helping you build a foundation.

Homie in a comie.

If ballet is dying, the only way we can save it is by boldly investing in a vision that any loving mother can get behind.

I know an enemy when I see one.

Tiny Pretty Things Quotes

I was left on the mountain.

No matter what, our bodies tell the truth.

Pain is every dancers companion, the annoying friend you can never escape, the one you hope won’t call very often.

You can take away someone’s breath with the arc of an arm, draw a tear with one gravity-defying leap. You’re a perfect sacrificial beast and the least they can do is worship you.

You know what it’s like, to live in the shadow of something greater.

You also made a bargain with your mother, it’s not my fault you couldn’t uphold your end of it.

You have no idea what you’re giving up.

Pain recognizes pain.

We already took in one stray here, I don’t want to adopt another.

I’m not afraid to get dirty.

You’re not going to win a pissing match with a choreographer.

There is a safety to dancing with the group, a way of being both visible and invisible, like an animal in a herd.

Like every beginning, it’s the start of the solo that’s the scariest.

I put my roommate in a comma.

Turns out, a lot can get done in the dark.

I want you to live in fear, at every turn, the same way I have.

I paid dearly for what I did wrong. And I just want a chance to do right.

We have one thing in common you and me, that is the system hates us both.

If you truly believe that I have something to offer the world you’ll show mercy.

Why do I keep wrecking everything that is good in my life?

Don’t you want these kids to be safe?

Does this top say, ‘hey mom I grew up just fine without you?’

That pain, it’s your body telling you something is wrong.

You may have power. You may have history. But I got strength and I got hunger.

I’m not waiting for my time, I’m taking it.

Eye on the prize. If they push, you push right back. Stand your ground. Feel your power.

You write your won story with that body, because if you don’t, someone else will.

Perhaps this will be the kick in the a** some of you fatsos need to lose a few.

One way or another, we all pay.

I can do what I want now. You can’t have it both ways.

What you have to learn is that the past is a trap.

So you are a good girl after all.

I schooled you well.

You got some f*&^ing nerve. The things you want and what you will do to get them.

We sing what can’t be spoken and we dance what can’t be sung.

Tiny Pretty Things Quotes

All I am is this stupid body.

We’re pulling the plug.

I’ll dance it like it’s the last ballet I’ll ever do.

Trust me, I know how to make a girl quiet.

You want me to be photographed wearing the clothes of Cassey’s murderer the very day she dies!

Chill, Oren. I was a fat kid too.

The money, the favor, the spotlight all turn to the next rising star. And then you’re on your own.

There is your smoking gun.

Can you call it dancing if you dance in the darkness alone?

If a ballerina falls hard and nobody is there to catch her, does she still make a sound?

You dance like a virgin.

The rest of us shouldn’t have to live off crumbs.

Look at you, alive and kicking.

I can find the tiny pretty things you love and tear their wings off.

Princes are overrated.

That’s my job, not to wound and weaken you but to help you grow.

You want a name? I’ve got one.

Ballet is the great destroyer.

This place deserves better.

I know what it’s like to have no one. And right now that’s what she is feeling.

I’ll do everything I can Madame to destroy you.

Police is telling a very good story, so if you want to get out of here you need to tell a better one.

I have a few fires to put out before you start stoking this one.

This place is bigger than any one student and don’t you ever forget that.

Why would you want to tie yourself to a man that can hurt you?

The minute Cassie sees us together, she’ll pull you back in.

If you care about me, dig deep tonight and dance hard.

I got scores to settle and if I were you, I’d make sure I was off the list.

They brought me here to change ballet, but ballet is changing me right back.

We either work together for once or that bitch cuts us both.

We have a weapon and it’s about time we used it.

I’m not in the habit of holding my tongue.

Turns out I had the better move.