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Bridgerton Book Differences Vs. Netflix Series

Bridgerton Book Differences

Netflix’s Bridgerton has been all the talk this weekend, perhaps it is for the eye candy or the sweet love story but everyone has fallen in love with the Bridgerton’s and their alphabetically-friendly family. The series is based off Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton novels, where each book follows one of the siblings. Season one is based off of the first book The Duke And I, which centers around Daphne and Simon’s romance. But what are the book differences?

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Bridgerton Book Differences

When a movie or series is based off its popular book counterpart, there are always differences. This is true for the new Netflix series Bridgerton. But what are the major book differences in Bridgerton and the book season 1 was based off of, The Duke And I? Check it out as well as some new character additions! *SPOILERS FOLLOW*

Anthony Was In On Daphne And Simon’s Scheme

In the Bridgerton Netflix series, no one other than Simon and Daphne were aware of their fake courtship scheme but this is not true for the book. In the book Anthony is very aware of the arrangement but has some rules they must all agree to if he is to go along with it: 1.) The scheme stays a secret, 2.) Daphne and Simon can never be alone together, and 3.) Simon can never kiss her hand without a chaperon. The couple get caught breaking the third rule and that is what leads to Anthony challenging Simon to a duel.

Daphne Returns To Town Alone

In the Netflix series, after learning about the Marina/Colin scandal, Daphne and Simon return to town together. Simon wants to accompany Daphne to town as they await news on whether she is pregnant or not. In the book however, Daphne returns to town alone and Simon retreats to another estate without her. When he returns to London, he tracks Daphne down in a park as she is riding a horse. She falls off her horse and this in turn scares Simon with the thought of her losing the baby. However, she had already found out she wasn’t pregnant a day or two earlier.

Bridgerton Book Differences

Duke Hastings Doesn’t Box

Simon does not box in the book, but it does make for some awesome scenery in the series, as we get many shots of a shirtless and ab-alicious Simon.

Controversial Sex Scene Difference in The Duke And I

The end of episode 6 in the Bridgerton series has been a topic of much discussion, as the scene is a bit different from that in the book. In both the book and series, Daphne realizes Simon has been using the “pull-out” method to prevent pregnancy and believes she has been misled about why he couldn’t have children. In the series, as Daphne and Simon were having sex, she rolls on top of him, making him unable to withdrawal.

However in The Duke And I book, Simon is drunk and asleep during the scene. Following a fight, which he goes out to a bar and returns home drunk, he falls asleep and Daphne takes advantage of the situation. Here are some of the book excerpts:

He was in her control, she realized. He was asleep, and probably still more more than a little bit drunk, and she could do whatever she wanted with him. She could have whatever she wanted.

Daphne had aroused him in sleep, taken advantage of him while he was slightly intoxicated, and held him to her while he poured his seed into her. His eyes widened and fixed on hers. ‘How could you?’ he whispered.

She wasn’t ashamed of her actions. She supposed she should be, but she wasn’t. She hadn’t planned it. She hadn’t looked at him and thought ‘he’s probably still drunk. I can make love to him and capture his seed and he’ll never know. It hadn’t happened that way.’

Bridgerton Book Differences

Marina Thompson Story Very Different

In the Netflix Bridgerton series, Marina is the cousin of the Featherington’s and is pregnant by a man named George who is off at war. This storyline led to a serious of events which include her hiding her pregnancy, attempting to rid the pregnancy by drinking an herbal tea, tricking Colin Bridgerton into marrying her and agreeing to marry her deceased lover’s younger brother Phillip.

We do not see Marina in the books however, until the fifth novel, To Sir Phillip, With Love. Marina is a distant cousin to the Bridgerton’s and is married to Phillip because Phillip’s older brother died in war, much like the series. In the book she dies by catching a fever, as a result of an attempted suicide by walking into a lake in the middle of winter, leaving behind Phillip and their two children. Eloise writes to Phillip to send her condolences and this leads to a proposal.

Lady Whistledown’s Identity Revealed

At the end of the series, we get a shot of the identity of Lady Whistledown, who we are shocked to find out is Penelope Featherington. In the book the identity if Whistledown is not revealed until Colin’s book Romancing Mister Bridgerton.

Daphne And Simon’s First Born

The Netflix series ends with Daphne and Simon having their first child, a son. But in the book, the gender of their first born is female.

Bridgerton Book Differences

Bridgerton Series New Characters Not In Book

Siena Russo – If you recall, Sienna Russo in the Netflix Bridgerton series is an Opera singer with an on-again, off-again love interest of Anthony. However, she is never mentioned in the book The Duke And I. There is a character however, in the book The Viscount Who Loved Me named Maria Rosso, who is a popular soprano singer and a former lover of Anthony’s. She mainly exists in the book to spark jealousy in Kate, Anthony’s future wife.

Queen Charlotte – Queen Charlotte never exists in the books in any capacity. She was in fact, a real historical figure who ruled England with her husband King George !! until her death in 1818.

Prince Friederich – In the Netflix series, Prince Friederich is the nephew of Queen Charlotte’s who comes to town looking for a possible bride. Since Queen Charlotte is not mentioned in the book, one would exoect Prince Friederich is not either.

Lord Featherington – Lord Featherington is hardly ever mentioned in any of the books, we know very little about him. So, him being added to the series and giving him a gambling debt is new. This also may be the reason he is so easily killed off in the first season.

Genevieve Delacroix – In the Netflix Bridgerton series, Genevieve Delacroix is the seamstress, who is Benedict’s love interest, as well as a possible suspect to the identity of Lady Whistledown. She is a new character added to the series that never made it into the books, as Benedict’s only interest in the novel is Sophie Beckett, a servant and maid. The fate to her storyline is unknown since she never appears in the books.

Mr. Granville – Popular artist and friend of Benedict’s in the Netflix Bridgerton series, Mr. Granville is never mentioned in the books.

Bridgerton Book Differences

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