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50+ Best WILD MOUNTAIN THYME Movie Quotes

Wild Mountain Thyme Movie Quotes

Wild Mountain Thyme will be available to stream tomorrow, Deceber 11th! The film includes some big names such as Christopher Walken and Emily Blunt. I will have a movie review coming soon, so be sure to check back, it will be linked down below. In the meantime, check out some of the best quotes from the film. I love me a good line and this movie had some really awesome ones! Check out this list of 50+ of the best Wild Mountain Thyme movie quotes.

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Wild Mountain Thyme Parents Guide Movie Review

Wild Mountain Thyme Movie Quotes

They say that if an Irishman dies while telling a story, you can be rest assured he’ll be back.

Mother nature, why did you make me so?

I have no purpose, I’m just a girl. The world is full of girls.

You are a Queen.

It means no one can stop ya. The world is yours. You can do anything.

I’ll be dead by Christmas.

What do you mean you don’t know if the farm goes to me?

Bad news Cleary.

Wild Mountain Thyme Movie Quotes

No reply is a reply.

I hear a voice sometimes when I’m out here. And the voice says “Go.”

Whatever that is, it holds me here.

It’s a terrible place for a decent person.

I know I must have him, God help me.

I’m a swan.

Drop this plot, or I’ll kill ya.

It’s your land. You do what you like. I’ll manage.

She sang this song into the ground, and when she passed it was like the birds lost their voices.

I’m only trying to do what’s right.

Wild Mountain Thyme Movie Quotes

You’ve had your children and you’ve had your life, do you want more than that from God?

I have a tininess brain.

There’s a lot of history in Ireland.

Oh, does money need you to manage it?

Me, I don’t wait.

Steer clear of the puddin, I think it’s off.

You want to own a farm, it’s not the same.

I’m gonna kill that man one day. The world will thank me for it.

I can’t sell you the farm.

I can’t be the reason they’re apart.

It’s a lonely spot here and it’ll be hard to face the morning when I’m gone.

Your mother, I didn’t love her.

Am I proud of you too late, son?

I love you, son. I can’t say it enough.

I have faith that love will find you out in those fields where you wander. God bless you.

There is no one left to catch you laughing, Anthony.

Today is the day.

I lost my sense of purpose.

I’m not sure about love but marriage is a practical partnership.

The kind of dreams kids have make adults miserable.

It’s your first time here since never.

You are a demon tempting me with a drink.

A man with feelings should be put down.

Wild Mountain Thyme Movie Quotes

I was thinking maybe I’d let him take a look at you.

Why would you try to give me away to your cousin?

Why would you want to smell the cows on me when you can smell the lillies on him?

I opened my heart to her and she was gone like it was yesterday.

Have you ever wondered what I wore if I wore less?

I believe that I am a honey bee.

You’re a flower. The most beautiful bloom that grows.

Everybody thinks they’re something they’re not.

I see things. I’m delusional. For the love of God woman, I think I’m a bug.

We say what’s meant. Life is here. We name it.

Sure it’s yours, it always was.

It said, “Go to her.”