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45+ Magical WOLFWALKERS Movie Quotes

Wolfwalkers Movie Quotes

The Wolfwalkers movie will be available to stream on AppleTV+ this Friday, December 11th. It is the most beautifully animated film I have seen, EVER! I will have a movie review coming soon, so make sure to stop back by, it will be linked down below. In the meantime, I jotted down some of my favorite quotes from the film. I love me a good line and this film has some magical ones! Check out this list of 45+ magical Wolfwalkers movie quotes.

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Learn To Draw Robyn & Mebh Wolfwalkers

Wolfwalkers Movie Quotes

You’re a wolfwalker? Thank you.

I’m not afraid of no wolf.

You and your fanciful stories.

You’ll pay for that, English girl.

That’s why I must be afraid for you.

Lord Protector, protecter of what?

We must show them the wolves are no threat, they are just beasts.

When I return, I want all the wolves gone from this forest.

We can smell you, you stink!

No, that’s my bird. Leave him be.

Everyone knows you can’t be cutting down their woods. If you do, they’ll get you.

Don’t kill me.

I fixed you and the bird and saved your life. You’re welcome!

I’m no girl, I’m a wolfwalker!

That’s two for me and none for you.

Wolfwalkers Movie Quotes

They should be staying closer to the town and so should you, Townie.

I fixed you and your bird and saved your life. You’re welcome, Townie.

This way Hunter, Townie, Robin girl.

We didn’t know the Wolfwalkers were real. That you were people.

Smell you later, Townie.

Work is prayer, girl.

I can see your scent.

You’re a wolf when you sleep and a girl when you’re awake.

Learn how to be a wolf first.

You don’t need your eyes to see.

Keep your nose down, be a wolf.

If they don’t shoot me, they’ll cage me.

I will deal with this wolf myself.

Get Mebh and leave, it is not safe for her here.

Tomorrow I will show them I have tamed you, just as I have tamed this land. And they will have nothing to fear if they trust in the Lord’s will.

Follow the rules or you will never see your Father again, do you understand?

You promised you’d come back but it’s been so long now. Are you lost? Has something happened to you?

Atleast you can be free.

The Lord Protector will burn the wolves, he’ll kill all the wolves by sunset. You have to get them out.

Kill the wolf!

Wolfwalkers Movie Quotes

You have nothing to fear from this beast.

Do not fear wild girls and wolves. Because tonight we will put an end to this.

Prove yourself a worthy soldiers tonight or tomorrow you’re in chains.

Put manners on that girl or manners will be put on her.

I’m so afraid that one day you’ll end up in a cage.

I thought I’d never see you again, until this one freed me.

Don’t you see? I’m one of them, I’m a wolfwalker.

I’ve never healed anything this bad before, it’s going to take time.

There it is, the devil’s lair.

Into your arms my Lord, I commend my soul.

There’s two of us now.

Stay, please. You’re one of us.

All is well, my love.