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Amazon Prime Video PANIC Parents Guide Review

Amazon Prime Video PANIC is a suspenseful teen thriller that will keep you guessing until the end and rooting for the main character. Check out the details in my parents guide review.

Amazon Prime Video PANIC Parents Guide

Amazon Prime Video Panic is a new series to hit the streaming service this past Friday, May 28th. The series was adapted from Lauren Oliver’s novel of the same name and will appeal to the young adult crowd. Panic is definitely a thriller that will have viewers on the edge of their seats and keep them guessing throughout the entire 10 episode season. Check out the details in my parents guide review.

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Amazon Prime Video Panic Quotes

Amazon Prime Video PANIC Parents Guide

Panic is a game played by the graduating seniors who put in a dollar a day throughout the school year and at the end of the year, those who want to compete for the pot play the game.  This year the prize is $50,000. To win the game players complete dangerous tasks, so dangerous that two players died competing the year before. While this season of Panic shows the game played once again, we also follow the police as they try to solve the deaths from the year before.

Amazon Prime Video PANIC Parents Guide

Amazon Prime Video PANIC Age Appropriate Parents Guide

Lets take a look at what parents need to know before letting their kids watch Amazon Prime Video Panic.

Language: Panic contains very harsh language with profanity used throughout and often. Words include: f*ck, a**, sh*t, a**h*le, wh*re.

Sexual Content: No sex scenes are shown in this series but there is implied sexual intercourse and implied oral sex.  There is also heavy kissing.

Drug Use: There are scenes where characters are rolling a joint. There is another scene which shows a character shooting up and a needle sticking out of his arm.There is a scene which shows characters snorting cocaine.

Mature Content: Other mature content in this series is discussions of suicide and a suicide attempt. The series contains violence, death, guns, and wreckless and dangerous behavior. There is also a scene which shows domestic abuse.

Overall Thoughts

Amazon Prime Video Panic will appeal to the YA audience, delivering enough twists, turns, and teen drama, the base for which this was made for will eat this series up. The most thrilling aspect of the series is the game itself. Watching some of the tasks teen players are given in the game will have viewers glued to the screen and rooting for their favorites.  Theories as to who the judges are will keep audiences invested and when the subplot of betting on the game comes into play, it unfolds an even bigger mystery as to who is behind it all.

The cast of Amazon Prime Video Panic is a solid group and at times a bit cliched.  The main character Heather, played by Olivia Welch, comes from a broken home and hits on every trailer park resident trope.  She wants nothing more than to get out of the confines of her poor upbringing, yet when her drug addicted mothers steals the $6000 cash Heather saved for college, she decides to enter the game as an alternative way to pay for her higher education. My biggest problem as far as casting goes, was the failure to utilize much of the older generation in the series.  Actresses Nancy McKeon (best known as Jo from The Facts Of Life) and Moira Kelly (from The Cutting Edge) were stellar in their roles in Panic, I just wish we could’ve gotten more of them. But as a series geared toward the teen audience, I understand the lack of screentime.

My biggest complaint in Panic was the way the story seems to drag at times, especially in the earlier episodes.  As the story begins to compound with the whole gambling subplot there are times the characters and events tend to become a bit confusing for viewers. Luckily, as the story begins to drift off, viewers are quickly throttled back into the craziness of the game, drama, and love triangles.

The series leaves off with the opening for a possible second season and as much as I enjoyed the suspensefulness of season 1 Panic, it will be hard to top character-wise. However, I would love to see a prequel on how the game started and more on the tragedies from years prior.

Amazon Prime Video PANIC Parents Guide