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The Curse of Bridge Hollow Movie Quotes

Netflix’s The Curse of Bridge Hollow dropped on the streaming service last Friday, October 14th. I will have a review of the movie coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out. It will be linked down below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the film. Check out these 30+ of the best The Curse of Bridge Hollow movie quotes.

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The Curse of Bridge Hollow Parents Guide Movie Review

The Curse of Bridge Hollow Movie Quotes

Bridge Hollow smells like apples and a hint of white privilege.

Small towns like this can be full of surprises.

I just feel like she’s turning into someone I don’t even recognize anymore.

This isn’t Brooklyn. The scariest things around here are the decorations on people’s lawns.

Why does a crazy white lady in a pumpkin car know who you are?

The Curse of Bridge Hollow Movie Quotes

So, what are you guys? Like, the Bridge Hollow High Paranormal Society or something?

I might live in a haunted house. This place just got a lot cooler.

You guys are not going to believe this, but this house is totally haunted.

I just want you to start looking at the world scientifically. Then you would realize these crazy things have a much more realistic explanation.

My family really doesn’t do Halloween.

Never, ever jump out of the bushes at a black man.

I’m trying to have fun. Annoying you is just the bonus.

Halloween brings out all the crazies, even in a safe town like this.

Eat lead, b*st*rd!

Good call, Bill Nye the Science Guy. Burn. You smoked.

He wanted every night to be Halloween.

The Curse of Bridge Hollow Movie Quotes

As long as that old lantern remains unlit, you kids got nothing at all to worry about.

Just what people want on Halloween: healthy snacks.

I think Crypt Keeper fairy girl is one bird short of a cuckoo clock.

I hated the ending of Charolette’s Web too. They did Charolette dirty. It should’ve been a pig.

Just because it’s crazy, doesn’t mean it can’t be explained.

Hey, Bozo. I’m gonna wipe that crooked smile right off your face. Come on. Let you know, Homey don’t play that.

They’re real, and you know what you can do to something that’s real? You can kick its a**.

We can’t fix anything if we’re dead.

What the H-E-C-K is that?

Why do I smell like an old white lady?

He breathes fire now?

Alright, rat face. Round two. Ding, ding.

Well done, Oaktown. Well done. We’ll see you next year.

It sounds like somebody’s a believer.