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Guillermo del Torro’s Pinocchio Easter Eggs & Interview with Gregory Mann

Guillermo del Torro's Pinocchio Easter Eggs

Netflix’s Guillermo del Torro’s Pinocchio dropped on the streaming service today, December 9th. Fans of the legendary director have anxiously awaited this retelling of the classic tale, and in celebration of its release, I had the opportunity to interview the voice of Pinocchio, Gregory Mann, which can be viewed below. In the meantime, I wanted to share these fun Easter Eggs found in the new film. There are many reoccurring themes and motifs throughout the film that reference del Torro’s previous works, and we caught a few. Check out these Guillermo del Torro’s Pinocchio Easter Eggs and fun facts learned during the interview with the voice of Pinocchio, Gregory Mann.

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Guillermo del Torro’s Pinocchio Easter Eggs

Spotting Easter Eggs in a film has always been a favorite pastime of moviegoers, and filmmakers are aware of this, as they cleverly place these images for audiences to spot while enjoying their film. In the case of Guillermo del Torro’s Pinocchio, art director Robert DeSue states, “We pay homage to previous Guillermo films like Hellboy and The Devil’s Backbone by recreating shots.” He goes on to say, “Way back toward the beginning of the storyboarding process, Guillermo asked that we match the bomb dropping scene from Devil’s Backbone. The framing, camera placement, and action within it are strikingly similar.” This is shown in the image below.

Guillermo del Torro's Pinocchio Easter Eggs

This is not the only Easter Egg from previous works of Guillermo del Torro:

  • From Pan’s Labyrinth: hourglasses and stick figure drawings.
  • From Devil’s Backbone: images of Christ, statues and saints, bombs, boy’s dormitory in the fascist camp.
  • From Cronos: light coming through the attic in Geppetto’s workshop.
  • From The Shape of Water: punch cards, semi-circular windows.
  • From Hellboy: crucifixes.
  • From Nightmare Alley: the carnival.

Guillermo del Torro's Pinocchio Easter Eggs

The above image is a shot of the stained glass inside the church in Guillermo del Torro’s Pinocchio. The likenesses of the Fawn and the Pale Man from Pan’s Labyrinth are in the upper windows, as are a pinecone motif and a dove made to look like a falling bomb.

Guillermo del Torro's Pinocchio Easter Eggs

Above is an image from Geppetto’s workshop in Guillermo del Torro’s Pinocchio, which is jam-packed with references even to the film itself: there are marionettes of a rabbit, a monkey, and a fox. In one set-up, the feather from the knight’s helmet is in the hands of the fox, foreshadowing Volpe’s contract. There is even a Frankenstein marionette.

Interview with Gregory Mann, Voice of Pinocchio

Check out this exclusive interview with Gregory Mann, the voice of Guillermo del Torro’s Pinocchio, where he discusses the music, the behind-the-scenes details, and working with the legend himself, Guillermo del Torro.

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