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45+ Best AppleTV+ GHOSTED Quotes

AppleTV+ GHOSTED Quotes

AppleTV+ GHOSTED released on the streaming service today, April 21, 2023. I will have a review of the movie coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out. It will be linked below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the film. Check out these 45+ of the best AppleTV+ GHOSTED quotes.

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AppleTV+ GHOSTED Parents Guide

AppleTV+ GHOSTED Quotes

Death, anyone’s, can fill us with urgency.

My cold, empty house has a cold, empty fridge.

You’d lose your butt if it wasn’t attached to you.

How about you find me something a little less needy?

What are you? The patron saint of plants.

I thought under all that fighting, you were flirting.

There are all these things you want in life, and it’s so hard to find someone who… If only people could be more like your cactus.

Be a cactus.

No big moves.

AppleTV+ GHOSTED Quotes

Head in the game, Coleslaw.

He came off way too strong, so she ghosted him.

Show up and surprise her. It will be a romantic gesture.

Toodle pip.

Let me tell you how this will be. One for you, 19 for me.

When you meet a celebrity, your IQ drops 20 points.

It truly is an honor to torture you today.

My therapist says I’m an empath, which means I’m deeply in tune with others feelings.

Spray-and-pray is short for “spray in your pants” and “pray for the merciful release of death.”

This is going to be fun—for me, not for you.

Art curator, my a**.

I can’t believe you got me kidnapped and tortured, all after one date.

You stalked your way across the ocean to find me. That is not cactus behavior.

It was a lot funnier before I used it to kill a man.

It’s not lies and more lies. It’s the sub-lie of the first original lie.

Excuse me for fudging a few details to try to impress the most amazing woman I’ve ever met.

He’s a mistake.

Goodbye, Cole. I’m glad you survived.

They call me the Leopard.

I’m a farmer, I’m not a super spy.

I don’t get paid in compliments.

I know you because I was you. Disposable.

She called you an idiot, to your face. Kill her when you touch down.

I have dated some crazies in my day, but you are certifiable.

AppleTV+ GHOSTED Quotes

Our struggles make us stronger, right?

Six-foot honeypot sent to kiss and nibble the secrets right out of you.

I get it—mission over man.

We only have one life, and you are too afraid to live it.

You two need to get a room.

Protecting the people you love is never a mistake.

The bad guys will never get near you.

You might be growing on me.

When the people you love are in danger, you do whatever it takes.

You are so dead, my friend.

He does not know you. He does not see the real you.

How hard is it to keep a cactus alive?

Us time.