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50+ Shocking TOTALLY KILLER Movie Quotes

Totally Killer Movie Quotes

Amazon Prime Video’s Totally Killer movie was released on the streaming service today, October 6th. I will have a review of the movie coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out. It will be linked below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the film. Check out these 50+ of the best and most shocking Totally Killer movie quotes.

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Totally Killer Movie Quotes

Do you want to hear a story? I have to warn you; it is a disturbing one.

Let’s give it up for Angie, who wishes more people were killed.

You made me take self-defense classes since I was seven.

When you sit in the back like I’m an Uber driver, it kind of hurts my feelings.
Dad, please, one star.

I’ve been worried about being murdered since I was sixteen. You thought I wouldn’t be prepared?

Avoid the knife; keep your life.

Why are they having a science fair at the most haunting place ever?

Your dad isn’t exactly my biggest fan.

Totally Killer Movie Quotes

The ’80s are almost over, and I haven’t even tried coke yet.

Would a serial killer wear Gloria Vanderbilt?

And there’s the racism. Knew that was coming.

How is this school issued? They look like they work at Hooters.

How is this even legal?

Are you smoking crack? Pam Miller is the wicked witch of Vernon.

I’m sorry, I’m not going to shake your hand because I’m not 45 and a man.

I’d like to report a crime that hasn’t happened yet.

Flying on a plane right now must be insane.

If the killer is targeting the Molly’s why did he wait 45 years to kill your mom?

I read all my books. Tools are more useful.

You don’t start trying to invent time travel without considering the possibility that people from the future will need your help. That killer thing is surprising, though.

You like science fiction? Go write a book. But here, in the real world, I am gonna solve this case.

This whole mean girl schtick is really outdated. Women should be lifting each other up.

You will become a miserable person, never knowing true happiness and rocking an unflattering haircut that makes your head look like a Ping-Pong ball.
That was oddly specific.

I don’t go after boys.
They come after me.

Wherever there’s trouble, there’s Blake Hughs.

Do the machines kill us all?
No, the machines don’t kill us all. They more just rip apart the fabric of our society via dance videos on TikTok.

Give back to this environment.

For my birthday, we all have to flash truckers that honk.

Totally Killer Movie Quotes

This makes me really miss Tiffany. She hated blow jobs so much. Pee comes out of there.

What is the big deal? Did you just want to lez out this weekend?

Leave room for Jesus.

If your not going to be fun, you can’t come to the party.

You’re right; I can lie. You’re so smart.

You want to have sex in the hot tub?
Yeah, but I suck at foreplay, so you are going to have to use the jets for that.

Just think: maybe if she did do blowjobs, she might still be alive.
Yeah, let’s not make that the lesson.

God, the 80s are wild.

I’m just gonna go blow somebody, that’s all.

No one started dying until you got here.

I hate this place!

The more people care about the Sweet 16 murders, the more famous I become.

I have both knives.

You can invent time travel, but you can’t remember daylight savings.

F*cking time travel.