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Inside Out 2: Emotions That Didn’t Make The Cut

Inside Out 2: Emotions That Didn't Make The Cut

The electrifying long lead press day for “Inside Out 2” unfolded at the prestigious Pixar Animation Studios in Emeryville, California. Media representatives were granted exclusive access to the inner workings of this animated marvel. We embarked on a journey behind the curtain, crafting our very own emotions, immersing ourselves in the recording booth’s creative aura, witnessing the pulse-pounding excitement of a live scene pitch, and getting a firsthand look at the meticulous artistry in a live editing session. Moreover, we were privileged to attend a captivating press conference featuring the visionary Director Kelsey Mann and the mastermind Producer Mark Nielsen. This immersive experience left us buzzing with anticipation for the sequel’s release, eager to delve once more into the captivating world of Riley’s emotions.

An earlier trailer for “Inside Out 2” unveils Riley’s turbulent transition into puberty, introducing a wave of new emotions that not only challenge her but also perplex Joy and her companions. But how did the creative minds behind the sequel settle on the four distinct emotions of Anxiety, Embarrassment, Envy, and Ennui? Delving into the behind-the-scenes process reveals a fascinating evolution.

Initially, the team brainstormed nine new emotions to join the core five, including the intriguing character of Guilt. However, as the narrative took shape, tough decisions were made, leading to Guilt and four other emotions being left on the cutting room floor. This glimpse into the creative decision-making adds layers of intrigue to the emotional tapestry awaiting audiences in “Inside Out 2.”

Inside Out 2: Emotions That Didn’t Make The Cut

Director Kelsey Mann unveils a treasure trove of untold emotions that didn’t quite make the cut, spanning both “Inside Out 2” and its predecessor. Delving deep into the creative process, Mann confesses to meticulously combing through every frame of the original film, searching for hidden emotional gems to resurrect.

Inside Out 2: Emotions That Didn't Make The Cut

“One of them is the emotion of Schadenfreude,” Mann chuckles, teasing the audience with this intriguing addition. Mark Nielsen chimes in, explaining that Schadenfreude encapsulates the joy derived from another’s misfortune—a complex emotion that adds depth to the emotional landscape explored in these animated masterpieces. As the curtain lifts on these behind-the-scenes revelations, fans are left eagerly anticipating the emotional rollercoaster awaiting them in “Inside Out 2.”

Kelsey Mann sheds light on the creative process behind “Inside Out 2,” revealing the challenges of reintroducing Schadenfreude and the ultimate decision to cut it once more. “My first screening that we did, nine new emotions showed up. I really wanted Joy to feel overwhelmed by all of these new emotions that showed up. And I was like well, let’s have a lot show up. And then you couldn’t keep track. There were so many emotions and they all canceled each other out because you couldn’t keep up with everybody. And my first note from the first screening was simplify.”

The key to simplifying the narrative lay in focusing on Riley’s teenage journey and the core emotions that drive us during this pivotal phase. Consulting with emotional expert Dacher Keltner, Mann refined the emotional lineup, ensuring that each emotion resonated authentically with the teenage experience. This peek into the development process sets the stage for a deeply relatable and emotionally charged sequel.

Inside Out 2: Emotions That Didn't Make The Cut

In a pivotal conversation with Dacher Keltner, Kelsey Mann delves into the psychology of adolescence, seeking to pinpoint the emotions that resonate most profoundly with teenagers. Keltner’s insights reveal that self-conscious emotions take center stage during this transformative phase.

Teenagers grapple with the complexities of self-perception, navigating the terrain of fitting in and earning acceptance from peers. “It’s all about fitting in at that age. And it’s part of our design of who we are because if you don’t like me, you’re gonna banish me and I’m gonna go out into the woods and die alone.” This quest for social validation stems from a primal need for independence, a crucial step towards self-reliance.

Mann’s vision for “Inside Out 2” aligns with this narrative, focusing on Riley’s journey alongside her peers, highlighting the universal theme of adolescent self-discovery while navigating the push-and-pull dynamics with parental figures. This profound exploration promises to resonate with audiences of all ages, capturing the timeless essence of growing up and embracing one’s identity.

Inside Out 2 is in theaters June 14, 2024!