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30+ SWEET ‘To All The Boys PS I Love You’ Movie Quotes

Netflix’s To All The Boys PS. I Still Love You drops of February 12th, just in time for Valentine’s Day!  If you were a fan of the first film ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before‘, then you are for sure going to love this one.  The best part of this sequel is some of the sweet and romantic quotes to come out of the film.  I mean, if you are going to have a movie named To All The Boys PS. I Still Love You, you are bound to have some awesome movie quotes.  So check out my list of 30+ sweet To All The Boys PS. I Still Love You movie quotes.

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To All The Boys PS I Love You Movie Quotes

Now is not the time to be fantasizing about living in an 80’s movie. -Kitty

Sometimes happily ever after is real. -Laura Jean

The bigger the menu the fancier the restaurant. -Peter

I’ve never been a girlfriend before, I hope I am good at it. -Laura Jean

I just don’t want us to break eachothers hearts. -Laura Jean

How was your first date? -Peter  It was perfect. -Laura Jean

I always thought you were the ‘not dating until college’ type of girl. -Cousin

For every first I was having with him, he already had it with her. -Laura Jean

One moment everything is upside down, then the glitter settles and you are right back into the fairytale again. -Laura Jean

They are going to be in love by Valentine’s Day. -Kitty

We were the Showgirls of the skies. -Stormie

Why you would join a club to do something you can do alone is beyond me. -Stormie

I need proof someone actually liked me in Middle School. -John Ambrose

Sometimes I wish my boyfriend was a little more anonymous. -Laura Jean

No one has ever written me a poem before, this is the most beautiful thing ever. -Laura Jean

I’ll always know that once upon a time my heart was yours. -Laura Jean

No woman should be out in public with that look on your face. -Stormie

If a man ever writes you a song, then you know he has it bad. -Laura Jean

I don’t want to rush you, especially in a parked car in front of your house. -Peter

I promise if you ever decide to go base jumping, I would love to go with you. -Peter

Us girls use to say are you team Peter or team John. -Laura Jean

For someone who has never had a boyfriend, you sure know how to mess with a guy. -Peter

I didn’t read the girlfriends handbook. -Laura Jean

We’ve always been good Laura Jean. -John Ambrose

I may have had a few missteps at this whole girlfriend thing but not today. -Laura Jean

I was convinced he couldn’t get over you, and then I realized the person who couldn’t get over you is me. -Laura Jean

Stormie, give me the dress. -Laura Jean

The way you look should be against the law. -Stormie

We kissed but I wanted him to be someone else. -Laura Jean

Sometimes you have to kiss the wrong man to know who is the right. -Stormie

Break my heart into a thousand pices, do what you want. -Laura Jean

I wanted happily ever after, I wanted it all but to have it all you have to risk it all. -Laura Jean